Monday, February 15, 2016

Monday Meanderings 2 - 15 - 2016

 Not much to show today.  My design wall is in Va but I am in Maryland visiting my daughter and the grands.  They moved into a new house last Sunday.  So, this morning Jenny and I spent just a little time deciding how she would set up her sewing studio.
Closest table will hold her machine.  The other table is her cutting table.  (She's several inches shorter than me and that table height is perfect for her, not so much for me!) We've moved the cutting table to the right of the bookcase.  A few books/magazines were unloaded on to the shelves but that is about it for now.  
The design wall will go where the mirror is and the ironing board will go where these boxes are.  She still needs to get some wall shelves hung before she can do much else.  Next time I come up it will be all set up and hopefully she'll be doing some sewing. 

I've been sewing hanging sleeves on a few quilts in preparation for the upcoming Faithful Circle Quilters biannual show.  It will be in April this year.  I have decided on 4 quilts to be entered.  I can enter 5 so I need to make that decision in the next few weeks. 

I wasn't all that successful on my goals this week.  Hum, maybe I didn't get the right goals written down cause I did quilt and bind the bricks quilt.  Pictures will be posted later this week. (I thought I could do that on Friday, but no, I ran out of time.) 

February 8, 2016
Finish quilting customer quilt
Add borders to antique lap quilt nothing done - ugh
Put borders on 2 antique 9 patches 2 sides of one small quilt were done – double ugh.
Work on QOV quilts with guild
Bake for tea group at my house

And this week: 
February 15, 2016
Put hanging sleeves on 2 quilts
Add border to antique lap quilt
Put borders on 2 small antique 9 patches
Quilt a quilt
Sew on next charity quilt

That's it for me today.  I'm linking up with Monday Makings and Main Crush Monday.  Check out what is showing up on design walls across the Internet. 

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. I know Jenny appreciates your help, planning and unpacking. The room has good lighting and looks roomy, too.

  2. It will be wonderful!Love Lulu the flowering elephant, too!

  3. Moving is no small task. At least she has the basic lay out worked out.

  4. It would be fun to have a fresh start in a new sewing room. I hope she gets settled in and gets to play in her new room soon!

  5. How much fun is it to help someone set up a sewing room! Awesome...and so clean!


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