Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Monday Meandering on Tuesday

It's been nearly 3 weeks since we moved in to our new house.  The great room, dining room and Pat's office are pretty unpacked and set up sans anything on the walls.  The kitchen, not so much.  The new kitchen is definitely smaller than our old one.  We've annexed a linen closet into a pantry so we can store all of our kitchen items.  No doubt we'll make a shelf in the basement into a storage for extra can goods.  We're now waiting for a spice rack to put on the back of the pantry door because we have way too many spices! 

The big news is we've made a lot of progress in my basement studio.  Here's looking from the doorway outside into room. (I've taken must of my pictures from that door because the light plays havoc with the pictures.) 
Here's looking to the left from the same doors.  
Here's what the same space looks like now. This is the table for Ruthie.  That dresser is moving but we're not sure where at this point.  My desk for the long arm stuff is in place as is my couch. 
My cutting table is back together and ready for use.  Today I found my rotary mats, rulers and ruler holders. After looking in nearly every box (probably 50 or so...) I hadn't found a cutter.  I finally looked in one of my machine carts and there was a cutter.  I wanted to cut some squares for my red, white and blue quilt so I can start putting it together.  I also found my white fabric pile so I could use some of it along with the white piece I had in the project box.  Who knows where the other three rotary cutters are! 
I'm using my old sewing cabinet for my Bernina.  It's ready for some sewing...except plugging it in. Later, if I decide a new cabinet is needed I'll look at what's available. Considering how much stuff I have I doubt I'll look for a new cabinet.  The other side of this is my other sewing desk: an old coffee table sans legs put on two filing cabinets.  I've used that as a sewing station for a long time.  
The big box on the right is Ruthie's sewing machine. We got the sewing head out of our storage unit yesterday. We didn't trust putting it in with the majority of our household goods so we drove it up and stashed it in a rented storage unit with air conditioning!  Here it is ready to be re-set up.  We're holding off for a bit so I can get more of the room set up.  I'm not ready to start quilting quite yet although I have several tops I could do. 
Thursday I'll be going to the quilter's group that meets in our new neighborhood.  I'm ready for some time sewing rather than unpacking.  I haven't decided whether I will work on my red, white and blue project or the spring flying geese and appliqué project.  I'll make my mind up tomorrow. 

Friday I'm driving up to Maryland to visit with Sharon and take a class with Vikki Pignatelli on curves. I'm hoping to get the whole project done by the end of the month as my One Monthly Goal.  

I'm linking up with Monday Making and Main Crush Tuesday -- yep Beth is also running a day behind!  Spend some time cruising to the different blog posts. I know I plan to spend time this week cruising through the various blog posts.  It's been a long time since I've been able to do that. 

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. Such a wonderful space for sewing! I'm so jealous. That cutting table is awesome!

  2. Moving is such a huge job. Hope you can get sewing soon! :-)

  3. Your sewing space looks great. Hope you were able to get a bit of stitching time in here and there. Moving really is time consuming, hope you are close to being unpacked.

  4. Good to hear from you again and to know that Ruthie's sewing head has traveled gently to the new place. Remember to just breathe!

  5. Arranging furniture and work spaces is time consuming, but it looks like you're settling in to your new home with ease.


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