Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Monday Meandering and OMG!

We're in the new house! With a LOT of boxes waiting to be opened and unpacked. The furniture arrived Thursday and we've been busily unpacking and putting things away.  Only problem? We've downsized and the kitchen is minuscule.  ARGH!  We've already got 2 boxes going to charity and we took lots of boxes to charity before we moved.

In the middle of the packing up, unpacking and general upheaval I finished my June goal for OMG.  Ruthie came down about 2 weeks before we moved and I made sure I had finished the quilting.  I got one side of the binding done before all the machines went into a small storage unit near where we moved to.  But I ran out of time to do the other side of the binding by machine.  So in the down time I was able to get it sewn by hand.  Yea for another finish!
And yes, that is one of my machines on the desk being used.  We had a day between moving out and moving in.  Like any good quilter I had a machine and a project box with me.  I'm working on a project that I cut out for the May retreat that really didn't get anything done on it then.  Luckily I've taken it to two sewing opportunities and have got all of the flying geese together and the center pieces put together.  I have appliqué to do still but there will be time at some point to do that and then put it all together.  

My July goal is minor.  I'm going to a class in Maryland and my goal is to get the whole top done before the end of the month.  Yeah, we'll see if I can do it  

Here's what the studio looks like now.  At some point I'll be able to show the finished space but it'll be after we get some cabinetry into it. 

I am so out of the habit of blogging it has taken me two days to write this.  On the other hand, we've emptied another 10 to 15 boxes and put the contents away. And the hardest part of that is putting the contents away!  

I'm linking up with Red Letter Quilts and Let's Be Social on Sew Fresh QuiltsHopefully I'll be starting to blog more regularly now.  Don't hold your breath as there is a ton of stuff still to be done but I need another sewing day soon! 

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. If this is downsizing I would love to see what your old studio looked like - this looks pretty large to me :). Have fun unpacking and love the quilt spread out on the table.

  2. Congratulations on your move to the new house. Before long it will feel like "home."

  3. Amazing that you are getting anything at all done among all the boxes! Very impressive! Congrats on the June finish, and good luck with July's.

  4. The worst part is behind you! I am impressed that you have been able to do at least a bit of sewing in the midst of a move! Can't wait to see your new sewing studio all set up!

  5. Welcome back, we missed you! The studio space looks very promising, thanks for showing it. Take time to just breathe, too.

  6. It's amazing you were able to make any progress while moving. Congrats on getting another finish. Hope you can get back into the blogging and stitching habits soon. Unpacking can be a challenge, hope it goes well.

  7. Congrats on the new move! Very pretty finish.


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