Friday, July 29, 2016

Progress on the Quilt Front

Here's what I've accomplished on my red, white and blue quilt.  I've been dragging it to various away-from-the-house sewing time for several months.  Most of the blocks are finished.  Many of the white blocks have been cut.  I still need to cut the quarter square triangles on the very outside edges of the quilt. This one will be given to the TAPS program that helps families of servicemen who have died.    

I realized I have the whole quilt leaning a bit to the left.  Sigh.  It won't be in the end.  This is sewn in diagonal rows.  Some of these rows are sewn. I've laid out more of the blocks ready to be sewn on to the strips.  Unfortunately, I have 2 more rows to add the bottom.  Darn, I should have started this up higher.  Looking at this picture is a great way to notice mistakes. I've got one marked with a sticky note but I see I have a white block on the bottom left where I should have the red, white and blue block.  Will move that when I get downstairs again.  

Here's my lay out from EQ7. I used the Go! Diamonds Jubilee quilt pattern from AccuQuilt. I wanted a bigger quilt so I played around with it on EQ and came up with this pattern. I've still got a long way to go.  Unfortunately, it doesn't fit on the piece of flannel I was using to sew on it away from home. The rest of this sewing will be going on in my studio.  

Pat set up some shelves in the unfinished basement so I can go through my boxes and "stage" my stuff.  I still haven't found my 3 pairs of good scissors nor my 3 additional rotary cutters.  What I did find was a partially made little quilt called On Line Friends.  I fell in love with it when I saw it and started right in on it 2 years ago.  Evidently, it got pushed to the side for some reason.  I haven't been doing hand work at night so I thought I'd bring it upstairs and work on it.  It doesn't look like much here.  But check out the pattern below. 

Maybe this one can get done soon. 

That's it for now.  I'm linking up with Can I Get a Whoop, Whoop?Fabric Frenzy Friday and Finished or Not Friday

Happy quilting all! 


  1. I seldom sew quilts in diagonal rows, so it would be a challenge for me to get e right blocks in the right places. Photos are wonderful for spotting those problem areas.

    Your little quilt is going to be adorable - such fun.

  2. Ha! The pillow I made for Lara's Crafted Appliqué blog hop is Dogs vs Cats by Bloomin' Minds! I recognized the skinny pattern immediately. She's got quite a wit.

  3. I liked the plan for the red/white/blue quilt. It will be such a nice one for TAPS.


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