Monday, November 13, 2017

Monday Meandering 11 - 13 - 2017

Here are some successes from last week's goals:

I showed the pattern and my fabric here. Here is "Kit" modeling the dress almost done.  I have stitched the lapels back but there are some roses that still need to be put on the dress.  

I've cut out a top and a pair of shorts.  The shorts are done but the top still has a little work to go.  Next up will be another baby doll outfit.  Quilting and piecing have taken a backseat to these doll clothes. 

I won Kit with a trunk, clothes, accessories and quilts from Village Quilters in Catonsville, Md at least 10 years ago. When she came to live at my house I displayed her.  When Jenny was home from college she would often change Kit into one of the many outfits she had.  When the grands came along, Kit retired to her trunk because Jenny's doll and clothes were available.  Needless to say, she was very happy to get out in the world again wearing this fabulous outfit! 

The Country Piecemaker's pillowcase day was so much fun! Sharon came down and we traveled the hour and half to Powhatan, Va together.  The guild made 152 pillowcases Saturday.  All were cut out and in kits before the day began.  Some were already pinned in "burritos."  We had more people stay this year to do the sewing and all the turning, pinning, ironing and etc. that goes into making the pillowcases.  Rumor has it that only 110 were made last year.  
Sewers in the front, pinners in the back.  Standing folks were ferrying cases from one location to another.
Becky, Bonnie and Nancy sewing away. You can see cases ready to sew and ready to turn in front. 
Through the 8 years that Country Piecemakers have been making and giving pillowcases for sick kids we've contributed 2,685 cases.  Amazing!  The funds and/or fabric are all donated -- the guild does not provide any financial assistance. Hats of to Colleen, our intrepid pillowcase leader, and her special elf, Donna, who cut the fabric and put together all the kits.   I will continue to make pillowcases for this -- in fact I think I bought 5 yards of Easter fabric when I was up in Lancaster.  

I was more successful with my goals this week. Here's last weeks:
November 6, 2017
Make first doll outfit
Retime Ruthie, the longarm
Attend Pillowcase day in Powhatan√√
Finish one cross stitch ornament
Catch up on the Rainbow Scrap Challenge √ mostly

November 13, 2017
Finish 2nd doll outfit
Cut out baby doll outfit
Work on another cross stitch ornament
Continue to work on Rainbow Scrap Challenge
Play on Ruthie 2
Attend Spotsylvanian’s rehearsal and first concert of the season

A lot is going on this week so I may fall short on some of these goals.  

Check out my favorite linky parties:  Oh Scrap!Monday MakingMain Crush Monday, and Moving It Forward.  I'm going to spend a bit of time today cruising through the Internet to see what folks are working on. 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 


  1. I've made dresses for children but the thought of scaling it down to make a dress for a doll fills me with fear. The outfit is beautiful.

    Our local quilt shop used to make pillowcases, but it must be years since that last happened. I am very impressed by the turn out, and wow! how many quilts were made.


  2. Bravo on completing all your weekly goals! I love the doll's outfit - excellent choice of fabrics.

    I love that so many pillowcases were made on Pillowcase Day. It just proves that many hands make light work. Kudos to everyone who helped make the day a success. The kids will love the special cases.

  3. When I saw your doll I had to come check out your post! That is one cute outfit. I love making this size doll clothes.

  4. Kit is getting all kitted out in her fancy new duds! Kudos to your guild for making so many pillowcases. It's great that there were lots of people to help keep the assembly line moving.

  5. The doll clothes are such fun. Looks like you had a lot of fun with the pillow cases.

  6. KIT'S outfit is absolutely darling.

  7. I miss sewing doll clothes especially for the American Girl dolls maybe someday I'll have a grand daughter. looks like a fun day of sewing and enjoyed pursuing your blog

  8. The pillow case sewing looks like tons of fun. Kit looks smart in her new outfit. My DD loves American Girl dolls.

  9. I'm impressed. I really hate making doll clothes. Kit's outfit is adorable. Your Pillowcase Day looks fun, and what a wonderful cause. Well done!


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