Monday, November 27, 2017

Monday Meanderings 11 - 27 - 2017

Did you enjoy your T - Day celebration?  We did.  Since we were by ourselves we "dialed" down on the dinner.  It was easy to make and easy to clean up and tasted great. We opened a bottle of my brother's wine -- lovely.  If you live in California you might be able to find some of his wine in wine stores. If you'd like some amazing wine, you can order it from Grayscale Wines. Let them know that Bonnie sent you and you might get the family and friends discount.  

With dinner being so easy it gave us plenty of time to enjoy our hobbies.  Pat was in his workshop making a jewelry box for one of our granddaughters.  I was in the studio working on doll clothes and other projects.  It was a lovely day all together.  

Over the weekend I loaded and quilted a customer's quilt.  It's so nice quilting with Ruthie 2.  She runs smoothly with no issues unless the operator forgets to push the right button.  One of her best features is a very nice basting stitch.  Of course, I forget to push the button to take it back to regular stitching.  Luckily I catch my mistake quickly and it's easy to rip out.  Unfortunately, the stitching design doesn't show well on the wallhanging.  This is an overall view.  

Check the next picture for a closeup of the design.  This is Holly 1 by Apricot Moon.  Perfect for this quilt -- it will hold the fabrics together without drawing the eye from the design.  

I did pretty well on my goals this week.  I'm not quite done with the doll clothes and accessories but I'll have them done this week.  I even have been able to use other projects as leader enders.  

November 20, 2017
Quilt one charity quilt
Sew (& cut out) one baby doll outfit√ almost done sewing
Sew another 18” doll shirt oops!
Work on Rainbow Scrap Challenge√ (in rows now!)

And this week... 
November 27, 2017
Start Christmas cards
Begin wrapping presents
Finish the baby doll outfit; shirt for AG doll.
Make matching jewelry for Natalie and her doll
Sing first full concert!
Finish the cross stitch part of the ornaments

That's it for me today.  I'm linking with my regular parties: Oh Scrap!, Monday Making, Main Crush Monday, and Moving It Forward. (I'll link up with Main Crush when it's available and I remember to check!) 

I'm out of here!  Lots of things to do and not so much time to finish it all!  Have a great day. 

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie 


  1. What a beautiful Christmas tree quilt! And your quilting is stunning! Such talent - sigh! I so admire long arm quilters! My daughter and I are starting to try and make doll clothes. I'll have to check out yours. Thank you for sharing!

  2. That is a lovely pattern. Enjoy seeing your progress on lists, being a list person myself (even if I ignore them quite often). Also good luck with the doll clothes.

  3. My Thanksgiving was spent with family in Colorado and was wonderful.

    I'll check out your brother's wine: thanks for the link.

  4. I'll keep my eyes peeled for the Greyscale wine!

  5. Very pretty quilting! Sounds like you had a very relaxing Thanksgiving. Happy stitching this weekend.


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