Monday, November 6, 2017

Monday Meanderings 11 - 6 - 2017

Yikes!  How did the last week vanish so quickly?  I had a slew of appointments this past week.  Let's say having a filling and 2 crowns started just wasn't that much fun and it did cut into my stitching time and motivation.

I've pretty much finished the pinwheel blocks for Pam, the EQuilter of the month.  She asked us to pick a half yard of fabric and make pinwheels to go with it.  She will be making quilts for Project Linus with them.  3-D pinwheel blocks shouldn't really be hard. But I had a heck of a time with them.  Check out this blog post to see how to make them. 
Here are some of my good blocks.  I have to redo several blocks because the points weren't meeting in the center.  Oops. The next Equilter's blocks were shared today and I love them!  Should be lots of fun and easy.  (The colors are off in this picture especially that yellow -- it is much more vibrant.)

I recently found MadebyMarney.  Mary Hertel designs fun, whimsical paper pieced patterns.  I started by downloading a couple of free Halloween patterns. Then I saw the darling patterns in her new Christmas book, called Sew Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.  (You can see some of the patterns at the link above.) I probably won't have time to do any of them this year but maybe I should plan to do one a month during 2018.  (Note to self: remember this when I write some goals for 2018!)   
Here are a couple of the designs.  First the penguin.  And then the Snowman paper pattern.  Hum, I don't really like the color on the pattern so I guess I'll need to remember to print in greyscale.  I definitely want to make something from this book, sooner rather than later! 

My goals last week were pretty skimpy.  I knew I was going to that bunch of appointments so I didn't go wild.  But even with skimpy goals I didn't do very well on them.  Bummer.

October 30, 2017
Make and mail FCQ Equilter pinwheel blocks √ not mailed and I need to rip 3 blocks and resew the last seam. 
Start more doll clothes Eek! nothing done on this.
Finish quilting charity quilt Nope – nothing on this either Ruthy needs to be retimed.
Work on cross stitch ornaments

But there is always a new week.  So here's what I'm hoping to do this week! 
November 6, 2017
Make first doll outfit
Retime Ruthie, the longarm and quilt the charity quilt
Attend Pillowcase day in Powhatan
Finish one cross stitch ornament

Catch up on the Rainbow Scrap Challenge

I'm looking forward to Sharon's visit this weekend.  We are going down to the Powhatan guild to participate in the Pillowcase Day.  Our November meeting is always a marathon of making pillowcases for Ryan's Case for Smiles.  Lots of hard work but also a lot of fun.  I've been doing this for years and always look forward to it.  I'll have to see if I can make a pillowcase or two before I go down.  Hum, I think I bought some fabric for a pillowcase while I was in Lancaster. 

I'm linking up with my regular favorites! Oh Scrap!Monday MakingMain Crush Monday, and Moving It Forward. Hope you can spend some time checking out what folks have been working on. 

I'm hoping to get a lot more of anything done this week -- doll clothes, RSC blocks, and maybe a few pillowcases.  We'll see how I do next Monday.  

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie


  1. Great list of goals.

    Have fun sewing with Sharon & the rest of the ladies at the sew-in. Do you take kits with you on Pillowcase Day or cut them out of fabric when you get there?

  2. I like the flappy triangles. (I don't think I've ever used them in a quilt, though.) The paper-pieced patterns are cute! Have fun with the pillowcases.

  3. Some weeks are like that Bonnie. With the cold and rainy weather we've been having all I want to do is cuddle under a quilt and watch old movies. I hope you are recovering from your dentist appts, and have a successful sewing week!

  4. Very cute pinwheels. Those paper pieced patterns are so cute. I don't need another project, but those are so tempting. Looking forward to seeing what you make next year.

  5. I love those 3D (?) pinwheel blocks! Very nice! Those paper pieced patterns are going to be fun to make - even if they wait until next year. :) Thank you for sharing!


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