Monday, March 5, 2018

Monday Meandering AND OMG March

It's time to set the March One Monthly Goal.
I've spent a bit of time trying to figure out what would be a good goal this month.  After thinking and looking at several projects I decided I would finish the second top from the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2017.  You can see the first one in this post.  I never posted that quilt finish! Hum, I guess I'll take pictures soon so I can share it with you. 

I used a cool braid block from the pattern Braid Shuffle by Karie Patch Designs. Here's where I am with the second quilt. I didn't use any pink blocks in the first quilt because my nurse friend who distributes them says dads don't want any pink in their boy's quilts.  These will be donated to a NICU in Richmond though Country Piecemakers.  My thought is they could be saved for twins.  I have quite a few blocks that need to be finished and a few more that I'll need to start from scratch.  The suggested border is a very dark purple.  I'm guessing it might be too dark so I'll wait til the center is done before I commit on the border.  

Which leads me to my next topic.  Over the weekend I was asked if I might be interested in some fabric from a friend's daughter's friend's mother's estate. Ok, forget the relationship.  Let's just say the daughter was thrilled someone was interested in the fabric and took it off her hands.  Three of us went over to see what was available.  The other two took some fabric and craft things for themselves or for other friends.  I took the majority of the fabric because no one really wanted it.  I know I have a lot of contacts with people who make charity quilts so what I don't want will be moved on to others. 
This is a 25 gallon tote.  I've been going through and getting rid of odd ball pieces, patterns and separating the rest.  A lot has been washed, dried and folded. Some I've added tags telling how much there is. There was another box almost as big as the tote.  Can you tell where I was sitting as I was going through the bin?  Folding. Separating.  You get the idea. I've still got quite a bit of fabric that needs to be washed.  For the most part this stuff is in good shape. So far no bugs and not much of a stale smell either. And, surprise, surprise there were several 1 yard and bigger pieces of purple.  Maybe there will be a different border on the above quilt. 

This last picture is my fabric purchases at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show held a little over a week ago.  The bright fabric is wool pieces.  The two bottom light pieces will be added to my Jamestown Landing whites.  I like that there is a little color but the backgrounds are basically white.  I also found some usable white on whites in the fabric I picked up this weekend. Yippee!  A little more variety. 

As I mentioned last week I won't be sharing goals on Mondays any more.  It just took me too long to do that when I have so much I try to squeeze in on Monday mornings. (And, nope, I'm no good at getting my blogs written in advance.  Sometimes I get the pics taken a day or two before which does help.) 

So that is it for this post.  I'm linking with all my favorite parties: Oh Scrap, Monday Making, Moving It Forward, and Main Crush Monday.  It's a lot of fun scooting around the internet seeing what folks are working on.  Unfortunately it gives me way too many ideas and not enough time to do it all! 

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie 


  1. The braids are bright and cheerful.

    I wonder if we passed by each other at MidAtlantic. It would be fun to see other bloggers there.


  2. I sure like these braid blocks. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  3. I've never thought of making small braids, but I love the ones you've made. Perhaps some of these will be made from my overflowing scrap bins.

  4. It's great that you're giving all that fabric a new home and purpose. I'm guessing the owner would be happy to know that its going to be put to good use. Good luck on meeting your OMG goal this month!

  5. digging in somebody else's scrap box is so much fun!

  6. How fun to get a big batch of new-to-you fabric! Even if some things in the bin are duds, it looks like lots of other really usable pieces. I find that odd scraps like that can be super inspiring because they push me out of my comfort zone :)


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