Monday, April 9, 2018

Monday Meanderings 4 - 9 - 2018

How can a week roll by so fast?  For pity sakes, I'm retired.  My life is mostly quilting, reading and singing in groups.  Why does it feel like time just flies by?  Do you feel that times just goes by at a fast clip? 

Most of my week was spent on the Alabama T Shirt quilt. I had it sewn together and then loaded on Ruthie 2.  Since it was loaded by Friday afternoon/Saturday morning I decided I might as well get to the quilting part.  I finished the quilting on Sunday afternoon.  Yee haw!  Next up is binding.  Although I may start it tomorrow, I doubt I will finish it until next week.  

This Wednesday I drive to Columbia, Maryland to work at the Faithful Circle Quilters' show.  It is always a fun time for me as I get to spend time with lots of my old friends and make some new ones too.  Do you live anywhere near Columbia?  If so please stop in to view the show.  Here's the show flier with all the details.  I believe we will be hanging over 250 quilts.  And, there are vendors.  Somehow I always seem to come home with some goodies from the vendors. I hope to see you there! 
In my spare sewing time I've been making Garlic Knots.  The pattern was originally in the January/February 2014 Quiltmaker. Bonnie Hunter used the block in her column Addicted to Scraps. I've enjoy making the block several times.  This time it was Beth's choice for FCQEquilter's block. I went a bit wild making them -- they are so easy.  And, I also was able to find some of the squares in my 2" squares bin. Double bonus.  Here are the 9 (yes, I did go wild!) 9 blocks! Hum, didn't notice I left one block leaning the wrong way.  We were told to use bright colors. 

Progress is being made on my goals except cutting a kit for the May retreat.  It's started but I haven't done much except to move it out of the way recently.  Sigh.  The other three projects saw progress.  I'm continuing to make the string blocks for the Jamestown Landing quilt.  Not my favorite blocks but they are progressing.  
April 2, 2018
Sew T Shirt quilt into a top√
Sew backing for T shirt quilt√
Cut one quilt kit for May retreat UGH Nope!
Continue to work on Jamestown Landing√

I'll be up in Columbia, Maryland for half of the coming week.  So I don't have high expectations in terms of quilting goals.  But I'll definitely make progress on some of these goals. 
April 9, 2018
Bind T shirt quilt
Continue to work on Jamestown Landing
Visit Sharon & work the FCQ Quilt Show
Stitch on little bunny piece

Are you experiencing weird spring weather?  We certainly are!  We woke up to snow on the grass and deck Sunday morning.  April snow?  Yep.  It was pretty much gone by Monday morning.  Today we've had more flurries but no accumulation.  I'm ready for a little my warmth.  Rumor has it that it will hit 80º(F) on Friday.  Good grief... it was below freezing at night just a day or so ago and then up to 80?  

I'm linking up with my normal parties:  Oh Scrap, Monday Making, Main Crush Monday, and Moving It Forward.  You know the drill:  spend a few minutes seeing what folks are doing across the internet!  I will be. 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 


  1. Your Garlic Knots looks pretty, this is an addict block for sure.

  2. Oh, have fun at your show!! And we are getting more snow here also. The next two days should see some. Argh!!!

  3. The garlic knots are so cheerful! I first saw that patterned in black on white. I've since come to appreciate scrappy, colorful versions. Have fun at the show! (Snow here, too. Sunshine but flurries sputtering.)

  4. The garlic knot block is on my bucket list. Your post makes me want to get out my scraps! Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  5. I've never heard of garlic knots before, and I'm intrigued with the pattern.

  6. Love the alien or monster block on the bottom left! The Garlic Knits look fabulous in bright colors. Safe travel to and from the show & have a great time.

  7. Very bright and fun garlic knot blocks. Those would make a fun baby quilt. The weather has been nuts this spring. We'll see 78 on Wednesday, then back to freezing temps for the weekend mornings. Winter isn't going easily this year it seems.

  8. Cheerful fabric makes happy blocks. Your garlic knots are yummy :-)

  9. Since I retired four years ago, I've been busier than ever! Some nights I fall into bed exhausted. Both my husband and I are very active in our village that we winter at in AZ. Yes, even here in this desert climate, we've had weird weather. It is expected to get to 98 today although we've been in the 90s for a week but what's weird is that we are in a severe drought even for this desert which is supposed to be the wettest desert in the world. The cacti are not blooming well at all except for ones in the yards that get some water. Our home up north just had one winter storm this past weekend and are bracing for another one. We are in no hurry to head back there. Maybe in a month...or more. Great garlic knots.

  10. I was quilting a T-shirt quilt all weekend too!

  11. Scrap bin finds for Garlic Knots. Awesome!!


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