Monday, November 19, 2018

Monday Meandering 11 - 19 - 2018

Last week?  I goofed off most of it getting a LOT of reading done. On Mondays I go to stitching group up at the community's clubhouse.  That's where I've been getting most of Theo's sweater worked on.  Weird day though because I actually knit a hole in my finger that drew a scant amount of blood.  Say what???  I've been using the same needles for the entire sweater and this time it caused a small wound. Go figure.  Needless to say I quit knitting on it and haven't picked up the sweater since as I was waiting for the thing to heal.  Here's where I am on it.  A few more inches until I can do the ribbing and then on to the arms.  I can see the end coming.  Must knit more!  
I received my wide backing fabric for Jamestown Landing. Whoop! Whoop! (Hum, it's brighter than this pic.)  Yes there is a tiny spot below the red line.  I think it was from some of the black fluff I found along the edge.  I'm guessing it is from the machine that printed the fabric? It's the only spot I've seen so no worries. I doubt I'll get this finished in November but I definitely want to in December.  It will be a boost to my fabric usage for the year. 

Here's my pathetic results from my goals last week.  I didn't list make two batches of cookies and some muffins for a bake sale but I did those too. 
November 12, 2018
Knit on Theo’s Sweater
Sash rail fence quilt√ started sewing rails together into blocks
Make backing for red and blue 16 patch OOPS 
Border the pirate quilt
Clean up the cutting table — it’s a mess  -  didn’t happen! Sigh

November 19, 2018
Knit on Theo’s Sweater
Finish sewing rail fence quilt together and start sashing
Make some ornaments ?maybe?
Clean up 1/8th of the cutting table (Nothing much is happening when I say clean the whole table, maybe only cleaning 1/8th will get me going!) 
Clean house and cook dinner for Thanksgiving

We'll see if I have any success with the goals this week.  I'm hoping to at least make progress on the rail fence quilt as I want to turn it in to the quilt guild in December to give to a senior center. 

Here's my last photos from our vacation in Canada.  These were taken in Bar Harbor, Maine mostly in the rain.  Our excursion was a short sail on a clipper ship.  Sounded great in the middle of summer.  Reality was colder and wetter than anticipated.  

This was taken from our cruise ship.  Notice the rain on the windows and the grey skies.  
We were getting so wet! Pat had a new rain coat and I was wearing an old, worn out, thin rain coat with about 4 layers underneath. Again, I was pretty well soaked at the end of the event.  We enjoyed the views and saw some dolphins (or a cousin of dolphins as I don't remember what they actually were.) Afterwards we had lunch in Bar Harbor with a nice view of the river front. 
I took this picture to show the cruise ship we were on -- the Veendam of  Holland American Line.  We traveled 1635 miles and the ship used 170,000 gallons of fuel. (yikes!) I'll have at least one more post from Boston from when we were waiting for our plane.  

My comments are not showing up in my email account any more.  Has anyone found a way to have them show up there again?  HELP! 

I'm linking up with Oh Scrap, Monday Making, Main Crush Monday and Moving It Forward. Yes, I've linked everything since I'm writing this Monday morning.  Take some time to see what folks are doing in their studios this week!  I'm looking forward to some surfing! 

Happy Quilting, Bonnie 


  1. Sailing on a clipper? How exciting. Even though I can't swim a stroke, I love ships and the views from them. Good job on the sweater progress. I've punctured fingertips with knitting needles - eventually I build up knitting calluses.

  2. A wound from a knitting needles, that's a surprise. I hope you heal quickly and can get back to it.

  3. Ouch! Sorry to hear you knit yourself into bleeding. The sweater is going to be great when it's finished, though.

    I had my comments disappear, too. What worked for me was to remove my email address from the box under Settings, Email, Comment Notifications. Then I logged out of Blogger completely. Then I went back into Blogger again and re-entered my email from scratch. Good luck!

  4. Pathetic results??? I only see the big smiles :-) Have a Happy Thanksgiving with lots of happiness left over.

  5. Some weeks you just need a break from the machine, you'll be more ready to tackle things after taking a break. I recommend what Louise suggested for fixing your comments. Occassionally, Blogger "looses" my email from the settings page. So every couple of weeks I go check to be sure it's still there. Have a very happy Thanksgiving.


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