Sunday, November 11, 2018

Monday Meandering 11 - 12 - 2018

Busy week with not a lot to show for it!  One customer quilt came off Ruthie the long arm and a small charity quilt was put on and quilted.  It still needs binding which I plan to do during this month. 

My friend Sharon came up from N.C. for the weekend.  We always have a great time. She was teaching a new mystery table runner for Country Piecemakers.  It was fun to do.  The gals did a great job making some really cute table runners.   I finished putting the border on mine today.  Once it gets quilted and bound I'll share it with you. 

I decided it was time to see how a rail fence project I was working on was doing.  I've been making rail fence blocks but hadn't put them on the design wall for quite a while.  So up they went.  This project was started by a quilter who died last year.  I was given her stash which had a mixture of newer fabrics and much older calicos.  I've used some of the fabric for charity quilts,(remember this airplane quilt?) little projects and the like.  Also in her stash was a rail fence project.  She had quite a few blocks made, some sewn in rows and a lot of extra fabric cut to the right size. I recognized a lot of calicos from the 80's and early 90's. (Heck I HAVE some of those fabrics or bits of them still!)  I cut some of my own newer fabrics, remade some of hers so the new and old would fit together.  

Now it was time to see what I could do with all of the blocks.  Sharon and I agreed the blocks needed to be broken up a bit.  So I will take 4 smaller blocks to make a larger block and sash them.  Help!  I had hoped to use a darker blue batik already cut into 1 1/2" strips but I don't have enough of them.  Here's what it looks like now. 
The blue is the batik.  There's some black on the upper right side.  A red print on the left side and a cherry red solid chunk of fabric rolled up and a green rolled up.  Sharon and I like the reds best.  See the close up and let me know what you think. Once done this will go a local senior group. 
I'm wavering between the red print and the solid cherry color.  It looks surprisingly bright in the pictures which makes me thing the print might be better.  I need to figure out how much fabric I need and see if I have enough of either of these fabrics.  Notice the block in the top picture that looks black?  It's actually dark purples.  I'll be replacing it with something that shows the block style better.  I may also drag out a navy blue solid too.  I sure wish I had enough of the blue batik.  Sigh.  I'll start sewing this together when I figure out what fabric is going to become the sashing. 

I've done pretty well on my goals this week even if there isn't a lot to see.  Theo's sweater is coming along really well.  Hopefully I'll get the body done this week and start on the sleeves.  
November 5, 2018
Knit on Theo’s sweater
Finish customer’s quilt
Attend Country Piecemakers’ Mystery Table Runner event
Load and quilt charity quilt
Decide on another top to quilt and start it OOPS! 

And for this week... 
November 12, 2018
Knit on Theo’s Sweater
Sash rail fence quilt
Make backing for red and blue 16 patch
Border the pirate quilt
Clean up the cutting table — it’s a mess

Here are some more pictures from our trip to Canada.  We took a bus tour from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Peggy's Cove to see an historic lighthouse and the Atlantic Ocean. The day was blustery and rainy.  Needless to say it was wet!  My water repellent rain coat wasn't doing much repelling so I was pretty much soaked once we finished seeing the outdoor sights. 
I stayed close to the light house.  The rocks were wet from the rain and ocean spray and I wasn't willing to scramble over more rocks to reach the ocean.  Heck, I would have gotten even wetter.  But Pat checked it out.  You can't miss him -- he's got the bright yellow raincoat on. 
The ocean was splashing up on the rocks. 
The view to the right of the lighthouse shows the shoreline and some of the village. This is a fishing village but I didn't get a picture of the ships. 

After we had seen the sights and gotten drenched we went into the cafe and had a yummy hot chocolate.  Then we went off to see a store that had pewter jewelry.  The rain was really coming down by then and we headed back to our bus to try to get dry! 

There are some more pictures from our Canada trip to share.  Our last port was Bar Harbor, Maine and then Boston.  I don't have a lot to share from there but I have a few more interesting places to show.  

I'm linking up with my regular linky parties: Oh Scrap!, Monday Making, Main Crush Monday and Moving It Forward.  I will try to link up to Main Crush Monday and Moving It Forward Monday but it is a really busy day so I might not get to it until Tuesday. 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 

Let us remember our veterans for the their willingness to serve and protect our country.  Both of my grandfathers served in World War I; my brother served in the Viet Nam war.  My dad was a career naval officer and served from World War II until he retired in 1972. They served for the common good of the United States of America.   


  1. I knit a hat and matching mitten this week. The hat, I love! The mitten is the most ill-fitting thing EVER, even though I followed the pattern exactly. Someone is getting a hat but no mittens this holiday...Great progress on your weekly goals! I think I like the red solid, particularly because it is so bright and cheerful!

  2. How about cornerstones at the intersections of the rail fence blocks? (Just to complicate your plans. )

  3. Selecting fabric for sashing on a scrappy quilt is a challenge. The shoreline is a rugged one: I can see why the lighthouse is located there.

  4. Why not zig-zag the different sashings from corner to corner? I think that would work and give the eye a path to follow.

  5. I hate it when I have the right fabric, but not enough of it. Hope you get the sashing worked out. Great photos from your trip.


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