Monday, September 30, 2019

Monday Meanderings 9 - 30 - 2019 & Stashbusting!

Can I just say I'm pretty surprised I haven't posted my stashbusting statistics since MAY!  I could have sworn I figured them out over the last few months -- but no, I can't find them.  Nothing was posted on my blog and the Excel spreadsheet was missing the last four months too. So here they are. Please note I haven't bought any fabric for 2 full months.  Unbelievable! I can assure you some fabric will come home in October. Here is the report for June, July August and September.  
Fabric In Month
Fabric In Year
Fabric Out Month
Fabric Out Year
Total In or Out Year

For the last few weeks I've been trying to get three charity quilts quilted for Faithful Circle Quilters in Maryland.  I'll be seeing a couple of gals from there this coming weekend and want to pass off at least some of the quilts.  And, yes, I did succeed in getting three done. One was done in mid-August before surgery.  The other two were finished last week. Here's the last one. Pattern is Whisper by My Creative Stitches; thread is So Fine 414 -- a cranberry red.

Thursday afternoon we realized it was Theo's birthday party on Saturday. EEK! We hadn't done anything for bd presents.  A quick trip to the store scored us a great book about construction vehicles that were like dinosaurs.  We checked with Aimee to make sure he didn't already own the book. Victory! It combined his two favorite things. Pat picked one of his wooden toys to give him and I embroidered a dinosaur on a sweatshirt I had on hand. I forgot to take any pictures of the sweatshirt. Bummer.  But Kevin sent us one the next day.  It hasn't been sweatshirt weather at all and doesn't look like it will be anytime soon... but Theo must have liked the shirt with his favorite dino on it. (The design is one from Funky Dinosaurs by Designs by Juju.)

Since the embroidery unit was out I decided to embroider my studio sweatshirt. I'd been planning to for a long time. Last night I woke in the middle of the night and realized the design wouldn't show because of the hoodie. I'm thinking of cutting off the hoodie and putting a ribbing on or some sort of binding.  The design is Quilt Clothesline from Embroidery Library.  The threads are a multitude of different colors and brands -- Mettler Polysheen, Arc, Isacord.  I try to use only poly threads since most of what I do will see plenty of washings. I still need to take the topping off and trim the stabilizer on the back.  I'll be doing that at the stitching group today. And decide about the hoodie.  Let me know if you have some suggestions too.  

This weekend is retreat!  I figured out today that I've had 9 wonderful retreats with this group of women.  We really have a great time. I look forward to it and plan my projects months in advance. This year I'm a little behind on the planning part.  I've got 3 more blocks to cut out for my last project.  As I've said many a time I do best with easy projects that are all ready to sew.  Need I say I'm looking forward to it?  

Here's what I wanted to get done before retreat. 
Quilt two charity quilts for Faithful Circle Quilters
Cut and package 2 more quilt kits to take on retreat ... Almost done...
Clean up the cutting table so I can use all of it again ... Started, really it is

I won't guarantee the cutting table will be all cleaned up before I go but I have made a decent dent in it.  I'm trying to put away scraps and fabrics left on it for the last 6 months or so.  (What was I thinking? Just leaving fabrics out.  Sigh.) I know when I figure out what I want to do over the next month or so it will be actually finishing some of the quilt tops.  Hum, that would help the fabric usage stats a bit.  I'll decide next week. 

Here's where I'm linking up:  Oh Scrap!, Monday Making, Moving It Forward, and What I Made Monday.   I took several breaks over the last week and enjoyed reading blogs from the Monday linky parties.  I'm probably not going to get to as many as I did last week -- I don't anticipate spending lots of computer time this week.  

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie 


  1. Love the quilt and your embroidered hoodie. Personally, I would leave the hood just tuck the hood inside itself. Have fun at retreat.

  2. Hope Theo's birthday was dino-mite! Your quilts-on-a-line design is super. Hope you can make it work on the sweatshirt/hoodie. Enjoy the retreat!

  3. Someone looks very pleased with his new dino shirt. Love those midnight light bulb moments. Enjoy your retreat.


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