Saturday, March 27, 2021

Green Table Scraps Is Done

Yes, I finished my table runner for the month.  I chose to do a St Patrick's day runner as I have nothing for that day. You can look at my sneak peak from Monday here. 

I used a pattern in the book Table Please, Part I by Nancy Halvorsen.  Of course, I didn't do it exactly like she designed it.  I changed the background to 3.5"cut squares.  I used a wider array of green fabrics.  Nor did I do the word Lucky that was on it. (Honestly folks, I wanted to make my life a little easier and use fabric I had in the stash.) 

Here's the finished project.  I used a lot of bits and pieces from fat quarters and scraps.  Some of the lighter greens were hand dyes I did years ago. 

On another front, we've been working on our beach house for the last several days so I decided to do some glamour pictures in the back yard. (They should enlarge if you click on any picture.) 

Isn't this a great tree?  Most of the backyard is sand with some sort of bushy clumps of grass growing.  And, let me tell you, you can not take a decent picture of a table runner on clumps of grass.  Every one looked like the runner was lumpy!  But a neat tree like this?  Perfect. (Hum, if the yard is dry tomorrow I think I'll get an overall picture of the tree.  It's a Live Oak. 

As I mentioned earlier all the fabric (and thread) was from my stash.  It was great to use of this ivy fabric -- I've had it for a while.  I still have a little left so it'll go in my fat quarter collection. 

We have been working like crazy on the beach house since Wednesday.  We haven't been here for over a year.  It was rented a lot over 2020 and we have a lot of reservations for 2021.  I doubt if we'll be able to get back in until October or later.  We bought a new bed, washer and dryer. Pat replaced window sashing. I washed all the bedspreads. I also cleaned and repaired a leather couch.  Unlike our usual style we cooked several nights and brought food in a couple of nites. This was definitely a working trip. 

Today, we spent a little time shopping at the local outlet mall. Mostly for me but we did get some glasses for the house.  Oh yes, I set up my little featherweight and worked on the one project I brought down -- the doggy tumbler project.  Sorry, no pictures of it. 

Now on to my goals list.  Because we left Wednesday I really didn't get all that much done.


Finish green table runner ☑️

Prep doggy tumbler quilt ☑️ Sewed 6 of 7 rows.

Make and apply binding for my quilt — Didn’t start

Cut out a couple more r, w, & b Ohio stars — Nope! 

And this week I'm repeating two and adding a couple of new ones 


Quilt and bind another quilt

Make and apply binding for my quilt 

Cut out a couple more r, w, & b Ohio stars 

Figure out more dog fabric for tumbler quilt. 

We did take an hour the other evening to see the ocean and beach. I call this Moonlight on the Atlantic Ocean.  My friend Sharon immediately asked me if I was going to make a quilt of it.  Um, no. But it would be a beautiful one if I could figure out how to do it. 

This post is a lot later than I usually like but I'm glad I could fit it in. I'll be linking it up with my usual linky parties: Can I Have a Whoop, Whoop?, Finished or Not Friday, Beauties Pageant, and Scrap Happy Saturday.  OMG -- How could I forget the monthly Table Scraps Runner/Topper Challenge link up?  Please go visit this linky party and shame on me for forgetting! Let's get on that internet and see what people are working on!  Tomorrow Today is driving day.  Hopefully we'll be home in 4.5 hours or less.  Then I can relax and check these linky parties out. 

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie 


  1. Your table runner is fabulous, Bonnie! I love the whimsical nature of the "tossed" shamrocks on the scrappy background. I hope you will be linking up with the TABLE SCRAPS Challenge!

  2. Lovely green table runner and it's so great when you can sew from your stash.

  3. Love the table runner! It sounds like you were kept busy at the beach house, but I’m glad you were able to visit the beach and capture the moon, shining is the water. The scene is beautiful.

  4. very nice tablerunner and i always approve of using more stash! where is your beach house???

  5. Your table runner is wonderful. Love that you shopped your stash.

  6. great use of GREENS in your table runner! best wishes in getting your beach house rental 'up to snuff'! it can be a lot of work...where is it?

  7. What a productive trip. Love the green runner. The ivy fabric does look so pretty on the back.

  8. Nifty!!! I like it a lot!!! Stitch in the ditch? Great beach view!!!

  9. Oh, I love that runner! So beautiful.
    The tree is really beautiful too. I love crooked trees, they have a lot of personality ;-)

  10. That is such an awesome table runner!!! Its too cute!!


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