Monday, March 29, 2021

Monday Meanderings 3 - 29 - 2021

I can't believe I totally messed up my last post!  It was Saturday (afternoon or evening?) I was writing about my Table Scraps Challenge finish.  But, oops!  I added my goals for this week and the results of last week.  (You'll need to scroll to the bottom to see last week's goals.) So, bear with me a minute as I repost this week's goals at the end. Nothing else got completed since Saturday, that's for sure.

But up now is progress on my doggy tumblers.  A couple of years ago I used my Accuquilt Go Tumbler 4.5" die to make a slew of tumblers using my doggy fabrics. I also used a bunch of paws, dots and checks to make it less busy.  Um, no.  It was a hot mess.  So I called on Jack to rip out the stitching.  I piled them all up and put them in a gift bag and stashed them a way for future use.  

Pause a moment for the years to go by . . . I knew I needed a background fabric to give the eye somewhere to rest.  When I was ready to take a project to the beach house and I didn't have much time to get it together -- the doggy tumblers came to mind.  I did a search in my whites and neutrals and found a great fabric from Free Spirit. Here's a photo taken to help decide which of two fabrics to use. 
The bottom is a Moda solid -- I'm not sure which color but it looked more yellow than beige in this picture. 

The top one is the Free Spirit one. I really liked the bit of texture it added but I only had a yard.  I quickly did a bit of math to see how many I could get from the yard.  It was big enough to make a 36" quilt or so.  Before I knew it I had the whole yard cut into tumblers and packaged for travel. 

I really like and use my Accuquilt Go, a lot. (Full disclosure I'm a Accuquilt user but I don't receive any thing for this opinion.)   More than once I've been able to quickly cut all the pieces I needed of a desired shape under a time deadline.  These 4.5" tumblers were so easy to sew together because there are slices cut off the "corners" to make it easier to match them up. I didn't even pin them, so add fast to the easy. I think I might like the larger 6.5" one too.  

You can see it looks odd when you match them up but it does give you a nice straight line when you sew them together. 

Below you can see the rows I was able to get done between working at the beach house this past week.  

I got 6 of 7 rows completed.  I need to find a couple more doggy fabrics to do the last row.  Mostly I have bones, paws and blenders left.  I'm hoping I have some dog pictures left I can cut

This will be a pretty small quilt but I think there are a couple of charities that take small quilts. I'll pick one of them to receive this one when finished.  

Just a reminder of my goals for next week:


Quilt and bind another quilt

Make and apply binding for my quilt 

Cut out a couple more r, w, & b Ohio stars 

Figure out more dog fabric for tumbler quilt

That's it for me today.  Hopefully at the end of the week I'll have a couple of finishes to share. (Or at least 1!) 

Parties I'm linking to: Oh Scrap, Monday Making, Design Wall Monday and To Do Tuesday. You know the drill, I'll link up with To Do Tuesday after it posts. (Hopefully soon after it posts rather than days after!)  I'm looking forward to surfing time.  I've hardly had time to check out what's going on on the Internet for the last half week or so.  

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie 


  1. Nice! I did a kitty/doggie set of tumbler quilts a little while (years?!) back! I cut the tumblers by hand and had cut enough for three quilts! True confession: the last one I supplemented with a blender fabric.

  2. That's funny. Last year I cut up a bunch of cat fabric with the small Accuquilt tumbler. I had a few light cat prints, but cut up a bunch of neutrals to go with them. I've been using them as leader/enders. It's kinda like stone soup - I just keep adding to the lights side with any neutrals. Still have plenty of cats in darks. I've made a couple of tumbler quilts now with the small tumblers cutter. The big quilt is heavy from all the small pieces. I think I cut some with the large die as well. Good luck with the puppies!

  3. This is going to be adorable. I’m glad you selected the Free Spirit fabric as the background. The tumblers remind me of the cup stacking competitions that were held several years ago.

  4. Yes, the eye does need somewhere to rest, as I have slowly learned. I have a friend who likes busy quilts and said "Let your eye rest on the next quilt - this is how I like it." haha Thanks for linking with Design Wall Monday, Judy

  5. Such pretty tumbler blocks and love the doggy theme. So much fun. Happy quilting.

  6. I've always wanted to make a tumbler quilt, but cutting them out is such a pain! Sounds like your Accuquilt is really handy for that. The doggy tumblers are going to make a really cute quilt!

  7. I've never made a tumbler quilt but they always look cheerful and yours is no exception. I love the dog theme.

  8. That quilt is going to be so cute!

  9. Those doggie prints are so dog-gone cute (you’ve probably heard that a million times, lol). I also have an Accuquilt Go but don’t use it a whole lot. I mostly cut strips with it and last year I used it to cut Drunkard’s Path units and also a few orange peel units. I may have to buy that Tumble die. I like how it cuts the corners for easier seam-matching. Have a great day, Mary.

  10. I did my first Tumbler last year from pieces a friend destashed, they were already cut out, so why not! But they were large pieces, so it was quick and easy. Thanks for linking up with To-Do! Good luck on next week's goals.


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