Sunday, March 21, 2021

Monday Meanderings 3 - 22 - 2021

Guess what! On Wednesday I actually joined a couple of quilters from Virginia Star Guild to work on patriotic quilts!  There was a pretty big room. (We generally hold our meetings in it and we can easily seat 40 or 50 people.)  There were four other ladies sewing away.  They were in each of the corners. I showed up and set up a table near an electric outlet but some what near another gal.  Probably more than distant enough. 

I had pulled out a shoe  box where I had a bunch of r, w, blue four patches. Before leaving home, I scrounged around until I found the book with the pattern I was working from. And I cut a bunch of squares the same size as the four patches.  I checked my trusty Featherweight and off I went.  I was able to get quite a few of the blocks sewn together.  I don't have plans to work too much on them over the next few weeks but I might surprise myself. I'm currently squaring the blocks up. I mention all this because I couldn't figure out why I had such a hard time getting to everything on my goals list.  Well, duh, that took all day Wednesday between prepping, traveling and sewing.  

Did you notice how I snuck in that I just didn't get all of the goals done?  So here's the deets on the list. (According to Deets means details. Am I hip or what?) 


Finish Green table runner --  Progress made 

Quilt customer’s quilt ☑️

Quilt one of my quilts☑️

Put together the chunky churn dash quilt ☑️

Prep doggy tumbler quilt — what should go with the dog fabrics & cut it out Oops nothing done 

Here's a pic of the green table runner -- I was trying to decide if I liked the background with the shamrock. 

Yes, changes were made.  In the end I removed the white and green floral design and the bright mottled green squares.  I substituted some hand dyes that are a lot more mellow. Once I made up my mind about those colors I put the background together. I got the other two shamrocks cut out with Bosal's Splendid Web on the back.  Enter another slight problem.  The adhesive wasn't sticking to the fabric.  I suspect it is because my iron doesn't get hot enough but I solved the problem by bringing out my shovel iron and making sure the web transferred from paper to fabric back.  I've liked using it because it doesn't get as stiff as some of the more readily available webs.  

Now all I need do is layout the shamrocks according to the pattern and iron them on the background.  And then stitch them down. Thread choices have been made so hopefully this will get done early in the week. Oh yea, and then quilt it. And bind it.   

Here's another look at the chunky churn dash quilt that was sewn together. Sorry for the poor lighting.  If I had finished earlier in the day there would have been more natural light.  I've got a backing I can use although I'm not sure I won't pick a different one.  Hopefully I'll be able to quilt it in the next week or two. 

Some of these blocks were from a group exchange.  I have to share this one with you and ask .. What the heck is it? 
Here's my guess and heaven knows it is really a guess!  Assuming the right picture is the correct one, I think it might be a cow.  Enlarge it, take a good look. Let me know what you think?  I think the top circle has two little eyes, the lower oval might be two nose holes.  And, there might be an ear on the right and left, or not. It looks like it was carefully fussy cut but heaven knows what it really is. 

I also made a couple of Happy Blocks  just to have enders between parts of the churn dash top. Now what's up this week ---- 


Finish green table runner 

Prep doggy tumbler quilt

Make and apply binding for my quilt 

Cut out a couple more r, w, & b Ohio stars 

It's nice to see the weather warming up a bit.  It was a pretty day today so I was able to walk outside and enjoy the sun.  Hopefully it will continue to stay sunny and warm. But wait a month or two and I'll be complaining about the heat!  

I'm linking up to my favorite Monday parties today: Oh Scrap, Monday Making, Design Wall Monday, and To Do Tuesday.  I'll sneak back in and add the last two as they become available. Have fun surfing the web this week! 

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie 


  1. How fun to be able to get together with other quilters. It sounds like you were quite busy and I think you did fantastic on your goal list. Such a pretty Shamrock block and Chunky Churn Dash (love that name) is so cheerful. Have a blessed and productive week.

  2. yes a cow would be my guess...pretty projects all!

  3. A QOV sew day would be fun. I’m glad you were able to attend and make some blocks. Hmmm, I don’t see a cow in the block, but I do see the nose.

  4. Even squinting I am not sure if it is a cow or not, LOL I am anxious to see your finish on the shamrock project. I think we all miss the sewing with another person or more, soon I hope this happens and retreats happen again too. Have a great week of sewing!

  5. The lovechild of a cow and a walrus? I think that getting to sew with others in person surpasses any mere to-do list for the week.

  6. Ohh, do I ever like that shamrock table runner!!!

  7. Looks like a black sheep to me - look at the ears. You had a good week I like your chunky churn dash quilt! Hugs

  8. Love that shamrock applique! Chunky Churn Dash is just so bright and fun. The unknown center does look a cow, but it's definitely a stylized one if it is. Happy stitching this week. Good luck with your to do list.


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