Friday, April 2, 2021

Friday Finish!

Before we left town last week I got this pink flannel quilt quilted.  I didn't do anything else on it until Tuesday evening after we got home. (I generally don't like sewing at night but I wanted to get this finished.) I have several more pieces of flannel that I would like to make into small quilts to donate to good causes and get it out of my stash. I'll probably wait until fall to start up on them again. 

First up -- the front. The purple mottled and the solid pink I bought at JoAnns at deep discounts.  One piece I know I only bought 1/4 yard -- I didn't want to have leftovers to deal with.  The other two were in stash including the backing. 

Pattern: Random Clams by Jessica Schick

Thread: So Fine! 495 Gerber Daisy

Size: 36" x 43" (approximately); blocks are cut 6.5" and set 6 x 7.

I decided to set this up on the long arm with the length going across the long arm and the width running perpendicular to the rollers. Doing it that way makes it faster to run. I have never used the Random Clams design before so this was a trial.  Unfortunately, I should have added a few more patterns across.  These are a little flatter than they should be.  I'll try it again sometime and see if it looks better.  Nothing really wrong this way it just didn't look much like the pdf. 

I took this picture on the morning of a day where we were going to have a ton of rain.  I was happy to get the photo shoot finished before the rain started although I just used a railing on the deck.  No nifty location. 

I was tickled to have done such a great job on the binding.  I apply the binding to the back of the quilt by machine, pull it to the front, and then sew it down by machine.  I was amazed that I had quite a few spots that looked like this. (You might need to click the picture to enlarge it.) 

This may look like two corners of the back but it actually shows a front and a back.  Have you started sewing your bindings on by machine on both sides?  Part of my rationale is I donate most of my quilts to various causes and I don't want them to fall apart.  One of the quilts made for my first granddaughter the hand sewn binding fell apart. Generally, it's much faster too.

April is slipping away really fast, or so it seems.  I'm much more on top of my statistics as I have them finished today rather half way through the next month.  And they look great to me.  


Fabric In Month

Fabric In Year

Fabric Out Month

Fabric Out Year

Total In or Out Year







Wowzer!  21.75 more yards out in 3 months than brought in. I haven't shown that type of fabric usage in years ever.  I am keeping my scraps that would normally be hitting the trash and weighing them periodically something I didn't do last year.  There was about 5 yards of fabrics in the scraps I had gathered over the last two months. 

Warning!  I just put in an order for 8 yards of fabric so unless I get going and get some projects finished I will not have such great numbers for April.  Nothing like a little motivation to keep my nose to the grindstone!  

Here are the parties I'm linking up with: Needle and Thread Thursday, Can I Get a Whoop, Whoop?, Finished or Not Fridays, and Beauties Pageant. I'll be checking out these blogs to see what others are working on. Won't you join me?

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie 


  1. great job on the binding! i haven't progressed that far i'm afraid....

  2. Your bindings look great. I just started machine sewing my bindings last year and I love it, though I'm not yet quite as skilled as you are.

  3. Nice quilt. Yes, I machine sew the binding on both sides. Quilts get tugged a lot, and I want the binding to be secure.

  4. Hi Bonnie! Love the Random Clams! Great on your baby quilts! I had that as a paper panto, but don't have the digital version. Yet! And yes, I sew most of my binding on by machine, both sides. So much faster! Yours looks perfect!

  5. Cute quilt!!! and soft snuggly flannel - nothing better!

  6. Oo, this one looks so soft and cuddly! Great job on the binding. I love doing all-machine binding because it goes so fast. I think the top stitching on the front looks very neat and professional, too. And I understand trying to get the flannel out of your stash; it's kind of hard to have two (or more!) different kinds of fabric to manage :)


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