Sunday, June 27, 2021

Monday Meandering 6 - 28 - 2021

Are you sewing Positivity?  Or should I say Positivity blocks?  I've been working on mine for the last several days. Let me show you what I've gotten done so far.

Here's how I organize my cut blocks. I use a Wonder clip for each block. And then I put the pile next to my sewing machine ready to sew either as the main project or a leader ender.  

I'm using grey, whites, tans, and ecrus for my background fabrics. My plus signs are going to be all different greens. Have you decided whether you are going to place the 6" strip going up and down or side to side?  Or maybe what ever direction it happens to fall?  I'm pondering that idea but haven't made a final decision. 

And, I haven't decided how I'm mixing up the grey/white/ecru/tan blocks in the quilt layout.  Here are two different possibilities. 

Surround the ecrus/whites with grey?

Or maybe every other block?

No answers yet but I'm working on it. Do you see those green fabrics hanging on the design wall?  That is how I made sure every single green was a different fabric. 

I put all the blocks I had already made on the design wall. Then I went to my green scraps/fat quarters and started pulling a variety of greens:  yellow greens, blue greens, dark greens, light greens, only a few with other colors with them, patterned greens, solid greens. I checked to make sure the fabric hadn't already been used. Now they are hanging on the wall until I need to cut more blocks. I could have come up with a lot more greens but I quit at 48 -- one for every block I'm going to make. I'm really enjoying working with just one main color on this project. (I may add a second color at some point before it is done but don't hold your breath!)  

Now I'm thinking about my backing.  I need to check out what fabric I have that would work. (I'd love to make this whole quilt without buying any new fabric.) I figure I need 4 yards of 42" wide fabric or 2 yards of a wide back. I'll be poking around in my stash over the next week to figure out what I can work with. 

Now, on to my goals from last week. 


Trim and bind remade log cabin  trimmed and first side of binding sewn on  

Continue making Ombre Log Cabins Blocks  some cut out but not sewn yet

Finish string blocks  Lots done but may need one more

Quilt and bind purple table runner Done! 

I may not have finished all goals except the table runner I showed here, but I did make forward progress on all of the items. I also spent quite a bit of time working on the Positivity blocks that weren't even on the list! It seems to me I also finished a book or two this week too. It's all good.

And for this week:


Finish sewing binding on remade log cabin

Continue cutting and making Positivity blocks

Make a few Ombré log cabin blocks

Cut out and begin sewing a new small quilt

The string blocks will only take a few more seams to finish up so I'm hoping to cut out a new child's quilt.  I have so much really cute fabric that kids would love -- it's time to make some of it into tops.  And, my list of tops ready for quilting is growing so maybe I'd better plan to quilt a few during July! 

Are you ready to hit the linky parties?  Here  are my regular parties: Oh Scrap, Monday Making, Design Wall Monday, To Do Tuesday. And just for this week, The Positivity QAL Progress Link Up. It's so fun to check out other blog posts.  And, wow, a whole lot of bloggers are working on the Positivity QAL.  (I've been negligent linking to Design Wall Monday and To Do Tuesday. I hope to remember this week.) 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 


  1. Your Positivity blocks in the scrappy greens look great! I like the setting that alternates the light/cream blocks with the grey blocks.

  2. Very fun Positivity blocks! The grey, white and cream really works together. I like both layouts, so you can't go wrong no matter which one you pick. Good luck with this week's to do list.

  3. your blocks look great! I was thinking about green/gray combination but haven't started yet...

  4. Hmm, that will be a hard decision. You are keeping us in suspense, and that's a good thing. Making a quilt in this size from stash (both front and back) with a limited color range is no small feat. I'm impressed with your stashability.

  5. Clipping the block pieces together is a good idea. I group pieces but don’t clip, and it seems like I’m always chasing down a stray piece. I could probably create a monochromatic quilt from my stash and scraps in either blue or red.

  6. I especially like the checkerboard look, Bonnie!!!

  7. You are right, I am now following you through Bloglovin'. Your Plus quilt is coming along very nicely.

  8. I agree with Janine - good for you being able to make this Positivity quilt strictly from stash! You don't know this (how would you!?) but my favorite color is green. All shades of green. So I am really excited to see the finish here! Love it. :-)

  9. Love your quilt. So pretty in green.


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