Sunday, June 20, 2021

Monday Meanderings 6 - 21 - 2021

May I complain about the weather for just a short paragraph?  It's hot and humid here. Three days ago it was low humidity and lovely with temps in the mid 70s.  I want that weather back!  But I doubt we'll see it until October. Sigh. And for those of you where it REALLY is hot 🌞-- my heart understands it's miserable. I hope the hot weather breaks soon.  

I've one picture of my whole design wall to share what I've been working on this week.  So left to right my projects are String Blocks with Positivity - 11 done but piled behind the 2 visible blocks below; Ombre Log Cabin blocks, 3  4 " garlic knots (those were just for fun but I suppose I should make some more.  Everything to the right are mostly odd ball blocks I've found with a few I'm actually, kind of, working on.  The top right is a village scene that needs to be quilted with the backing fabric next to it. (It's going to take forever to quilt it so I just haven't been motivated to start it!) 

I know I've made more string blocks and Positivity blocks since I took this photo. But I've sewn all of the Ombre Log Cabin blocks that I've cut out.  Time to get back to cutting more of them. 

I am sharing one of my customer's quilts that I finished in March this year.  

This was made by Marlyn. 

Size: 40 x 59"

Thread: So Fine 451

Pattern: Diane by My Creative Stitches

Batting:  Warm and White 

I'm pretty sure these are batiks.  I know it was great to stitch out. Below it's still on the long arm being quilted.  Do you see that blue painter's tape?  That marks the center of the quilt and where I line up the next row, which is already in progress in the picture. 

Now, on to my goals. Look at all those check marks! 


Finish quilting Remade Log Cabin; figure amt of fabric used —didn't do this 

More Ombré Log Cabins

More Positivity blocks

More string blocks

This week it's more of the same.  What I didn't have on the list was working on the June (purple) Table Scraps project.  I got the top totally done. Quilting and binding  it is on this new goal list. 


Trim and bind remade log cabin

Continue making Ombre Log Cabins Blocks 

Finish string blocks

Quilt and bind purple table runner

Hopefully it will be a great week of quilting this week.  The weather will continue to be hot so I'll be staying inside a lot. 

I'm linking up to my regular Monday parties: Oh Scrap, Monday Making, Design Wall Monday, and To Do Tuesday.  Let's check some blogs out!

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie 


  1. Lotsa cute on that Design Board of yours. Best news here is that our horrible heat dissipated for a few days!
    My list today: contact Amy of Amy'sQuiltingAdvantures, for a better hopping foot for my DSM.
    Choose blue backing
    Choose and cut side setting triangles for the log cabin on point (current blog photo
    Dollar Store and Bread Store!
    For some reason, I started at THINKING 5:00 am! Good Grief, what's with that? Do a lot of quilters keep daily To-Do lists?

  2. SEW much fun going on in your studio, Bonnie!!

  3. ❤️😘 such pretty blocks! The tiny garlic knots are sweet. Great job on your goals last week.

  4. Lots of lovely designs and colours happening on your wall, Bonnie. The quilting on Marilyn's quilt is lovely.

  5. Lots of bright and fun projects up on your design wall. The city scape is really cool. Happy stitching this week.


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