Monday, August 2, 2021

Monday Meanderings 8 - 2 - 2021

We are at the beginning of the 8th month of the year.  Surprisingly, it's been going pretty fast for me.  Pat and I do get out and about some these days but we aren't going wild yet.  We've done a few meals out and we continue to shop. I've been going to our community stitching group and went to one guild meeting. We are going to our gym four times a week but we are careful to stay 6 feet away from others working out. Our granddaughter is coming for a few days in August so anywhere we go over the next few weeks we'll both mask up.  We sure don't want her to get sick after she's been with us. Although I doubt we'll mask up for working out.  It just doesn't work that well! 

I have one set of blocks I can share today.  These will be going to Covered in Love.  You can read more about it at Kat's blog. The drive is going on through the end of August. Here's the info on the drive itself with a link to the information. I like committing to block drives as it is an easy way for me to move fabric from my stash and it goes to a good cause. Maybe I'll make some more blocks before mailing them this month.

Next up is my stashbusting statistics. UGH. No stashbusting happened this month.  Part of it is due to I am using a different way of recording wide backs as I buy new ones.  I started out just recording them as regular width fabric. And when I used them I only counted them as regular width. Nope, not so good a plan. Then I decided I'd count them as twice as many yards. So 1 yard would equal 2 yards when I recorded them. It got "sticky" when I tried to figure out how to record that I'd used the fabric.  Sigh. So today as I added 3 yards of wide back fabric to my stash I decided I'd record them as square inches.  You can see the note I added under my report. Hopefully this will be easier to figure out.  I'll have my Positivity quilt done later this week and I'll see how it goes when I record it. (It should go a long way to helping use up some fabric this month.) As you can see I've bought way too much fabric this month. A lot of it is backing fabric. I also decided to buy a yard of white on white wide back called Cobblestone from Connecting Threads. It is really nice fabric. I won't be using it for backing, it'll be used for piecing.


Fabric In Month

Fabric In Year

Fabric Out 


Fabric Out Year

Total In or Out Year









Wide backs are now added or subtracted by total width x total height divided by 1440.  I figured a “normal” yard of fabric was appx 1440 sq inches and have been using that for years.  (36” long by 40” wide equals 1440 square inches.)

Let's get on to goals. I think I might not be putting enough items on my goal lists these days. I was able to do everything on my list from last week. 


Finish and Quilt July Table Runner (see it here.

Bind two quilts (pictures coming soon.

Continue to knit on baby blanket

Work on customer quilt

Work on blue basket again (I'm not making great progress but I am slowly working on it!)  


Embroider dolphin on swim suit cover up

Quilt and Bind Positivity quilt

Knit on baby blanket

Work on blue basket again  

Load and quilt a charity quilt

Keep making ombre log cabin blocks

OK then. I may have gone overboard on my goals for this week.  But I do need to work on every thing I've listed.  Perhaps I'll succeed with most of them. (Notice several are open ended: knit of the blanket and work on the blue basket. So, if I do even a little bit I can check it off as done.  Oh the games we play with our own minds!) 

That's it for today... here's my Monday linky parties: Oh Scrap, Monday Making, Design Wall Monday, and To Do Tuesday. Hope you have some time to visit some of these parties.  

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie 


  1. Happy Monday, Bonnie. First let me say that your July tablerunner in the previous post is stunning. I love the blocks and the backing is amazing. I am also in love with the patriotic blocks you are working on now. I always enjoy star blocks especially when there is a variety. You have a busy week ahead of you . Looking forward to hearing about your progress. Happy quilting.

  2. Last year, I purchased a white on white, wide back and have used it for piecing. Definitely more yardage for the money. I also use scraps of wide backs for piecing and for binding. It’s money well spent.

  3. Seeing your healthy list for this week reminds me that I need to get off the computer and get to work myself!!

  4. Good morning! I wanted to let you know that I am subbing in as the hostess for the Tuesday To-Do Linky party. Feel free to join in over at MelvaLovesScraps(dot)blogspot(dot)com

  5. Lol on playing games with our minds - I do that too. Good luck on your goals!

  6. Well done with last week's list, and I love how you deal with your goals 😄, such a great and motivation idea!


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