Sunday, August 29, 2021

Monday Meanderings 8 - 30 - 2021

The last Monday in August has rolled around.  It's hard to believe that we are 2/3rds through with 2021. I've been thinking of Chrismas presents and two more birthdays this year.  I've got a decent start on the ornaments I make my 4 grandchildren but I need to actually make new progress after getting one almost done.  Hum, maybe that needs to be in my goal list! 

I excelled at checking off all of my goals this week.  In fact, I did so well I made a sample block of a new project too. Sorry, no pictures of that yet. Here's last week's list. 


Finish Blue basket -- It took a long time as it kept being dropped. Here's the empty finished basket and the full basket.  I forgot to put the handle on but it's just a matter of dumping out the scraps and lifting up the loose fold over binding and sewing the handle on. Easy, but I don't want to have to dump and refill the basket... maybe this week.

Begin aqua table runner 

Work on Ombre blocks 

Finish knitting baby blanket  This got completely finished this week. I'll be giving it to a neighbor who gives them to a group who makes donations in our community. I really think the color is a bit brighter turquoise then what shows up here. But I'm happy it is done.  I've got at least 4 boxes of yarn and yarn bits.  I'm hoping to knit some up into projects I can give away. 

Mail Verdant Serenity to Ca.

Now here's what I hope to work on this week. 


Finish baby quilt started in June

Quilt Table Scraps Aqua table runner

Work on Ombre and RSC blocks

Quilt doggy tumbler quilt 

Finish the front of one ornament

This weeks to do list doesn't seem very long.  Hopefully I can get all of the items done on it. 

Not much else new on the home front.  I realized in early September I can get my Covid booster shot.  I want to have it by mid September as I am going on a quilt retreat the first weekend of October.  It seems the smart, easy thing to do for me and the friends I want to have fun with.

I'm linking up with my regular parties: Oh Scrap, Monday Making, and Design Wall Monday.  After barely getting my own blog posted over the last two weeks I really enjoyed reading a bunch of blogs this part week. I hope you have some time to check in with these linky parties. 

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie 


  1. That's a pretty blue scrap basket! Looks like you filled it right up, too. It will be fun to see your aqua tablerunner!

  2. I like the new font, Bonnie. Your blue basket will work fine without handles, I think. Good idea for busting scraps as well as for storing them. Hope your week is great. (September, already??)

  3. Wow Bonnie you sure got a lot done! That baby blanket is beautiful. LOVE your basket!! I cannot believe it is almost September. I can't wait for fall but yet I have not started any of my Christmas projects - ugh!

  4. The baby afghan looks so soft!!! Nice job! And what a fun scrap basket!!!~

  5. Bravo for finishing all of last week’s goals! The baby blanket looks so soft and cuddly. I haven’t picked up my knitting needles in months. Great job on the blue scrap basket. How many colored baskets do you have now?

  6. Your blue scrap basket is beautiful,Bonnie and look it is already full. I also can't believe September is just around the corner. Love the baby blancket, looks so soft, and it will warm some baby in need. Congrats! Good luck with your goals for this week. Hugs

  7. What a busy and productive week you had, Bonnie. I just love your blue basket ; as I was admiring it I was thinking how lovely it would be in patriotic colors too. Such a great piece. Have a great week .


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