Monday, December 19, 2022

Monday Meandering 12 - 19 - 2022

Christmas is almost upon us! HELP!  I know I haven't organized present acquisition very well this year.  It was hard to get ideas from the kids and the grands.  Someone gave me nothing so I'm thinking of giving him coal! (Nah, just joking. And, I don't think any family members read the blog except hubby so I'm safe.) 

On to the lists.  Last week I checked off everything on my goals list. Whoop!


✅Work on the last 2 ornaments all week - I did but not enough. #3 of 4 has about 15 minutes more to finish it.  And #4 has been moved along. 

✅Load and quilt Sophie’s quilt - Phew.  I finished the last row 30 minutes before we had to leave for the concert Sunday. 

✅Make some more flying geese and string blocks for Talking Turkey -- a few were made and several were trimmed although more need trimming.

✅Sing 2 rehearsals and 2 concerts! - Both went extremely well

Do some Christmas stuff! -  I did some organizing and hubby did some wrapping. But much still needs doing.

On to this week. It's time to get all the Christmas stuff done before Sunday. (It wouldn't suprise me if I'm wrapping gifts Sunday morning! But hopefully not!) 


Finish last ornaments

Wrap presents

Make some more flying geese and string blocks for Talking Turkey

Make the last block from Sherri’s 2022 BOM

Make a cake for Christmas dinner

Enjoy family Christmas celebration 

Hum, I forgot to include two evening events -- book club and guild meeting.  Must remember to wrap gifts for those events. 

On to a few pictures.  Since I'm not playing in the studio all that much these days I have limited photos to share. The first one is the unicorn quilt our daughter Jenny made for her youngest.  You might recognize Lisa the Unicorn as an Elizabeth Hartman pattern.  Here's the link to her website


Lisa the Unicorn -- Made by Jenny Stapleton. 
Pattern -- Random Clams 
Thread -- So Fine 504

Next is a sneak peek of the Bjorn Bear quilt Jenny made for her oldest. 

I forgot to take a picture of the full quilt.  I suspect I won't get a picture until Jenny get's it bound.  The quilting pattern is Malachite -- a design I've had for many years but only remember using once or twice in years since I've had my computer driven option.  I realized it looks terrific to provide texture.  I'm glad my granddaughter chose it. 

Here's a block I finished this week or was it last week? Anyway, I made it as a sample to see if I wanted to make it for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge this year. 

This block came from Bonnie Hunter's book Adventurers with Leaders & Enders. I like the block but it is pretty time intensive. It uses mostly 2" squares which I thought made a lot of sense since I have so many of them. But the drawback is the block is only 7.5" finished.  It would take a ton of blocks to get a decent (as in lap size) quilt.  On the other hand I will need to do something with this block. I'm leaning to a larger block -- 12" would be great. 

I'm hoping things calm down after Christmas and I can make some progress on cleaning up the studio, quilting two of my quilts, and working on my UFO challenge quilts for Dec and earlier. (I don't expect too much do I?) 

Here are the Linky parties I'm joining.  I hope we all can take a few quiet moments to surf the web.  Don't you need another inspiring quilt to make next year?   

Oh Scrap

Design Wall Monday

To Do Tuesday 

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie 


  1. I would love to do wrapped up presents for every one but I gave up on that a long time ago - I do not like shopping I don't know what they want so they get amazon gift cards and always seem happy. Mike and I stopped buying and wrapping for each other as he is impossible to figure out what he would want he buys as he needs things.

  2. That unicorn quilt is darling! Enjoy all the holiday prep. I'm in the same boat, lots of gift wrapping today and laundry. I'm with you on the hope of getting more stitching done after the holiday. Have a very Merry Christmas.

  3. Oh I hear ya on what to get some people!! Our oldest grandson did not give us a single hint and even his mom had a hard time coming up with something to give him!! We did tease him about getting a lump of coal-he knew we were kidding. All he likes is video games and I don't want to feed more into that!! Happy Holidays!

  4. Congratulations on checking everything off your list last week! Several years ago, I opted out of gifting. My family has more than they need or want and I’ve been downsizing. Now, we “gift” our presence rather than presents.

  5. Absolutely love Lisa the Unicorn! The quilting panto is wonderful. I’m going to add that to my list of possibilities to have my quilter use next time. We don’t do wrapped gifts much either. Our grandchildren are adults and scattered across the country . Shipping is outrageous. So Amazon Gift Cards is our the way we go! Most are delighted!

  6. Elizabeth Hartman does such great patterns, two years ago I made two of my great nieces the unicorn pattern made up into cushions or I think you might call them pillows. I have made her dinosaur one too. Hope life after Christmas gives you lots of time for what you love to do.

  7. The unicorn quilt is adorable and also the sneak peek at the Bjorn Bear. That is a neat block with the blues.
    What kind of cake are you making?
    My son and family suggested we NOT draw names this year, which we normally do, and just get gifts for The Littles. I have to tell you it just feels weird, we like to shop for and give gifts, and it's hard not to. Hubs says he's going to anyway next year, no matter what they suggest - lol!
    Thank you for sharing with us at To Do Tuesday and Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  8. Love your Unicorn!! and yes small blocks take SOOOOO much longer haha!! MErry Christmas - even if you do have to give coal!

  9. That is a good RSC candidate. It's a five-unit grid so it would be easy to make as a 10" block. Hope you get all the gifts wrapped and given to your satisfaction!


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