Monday, December 12, 2022

Monday Meanderings 12 - 12 - 2022

Do you have weeks when you wish you could crawl into bed and forget the outside world?  Yep, me too.  Last week was busy with sad and fun things to do.  The sad was singing at the funeral of a neighbor who was part of our chorus.  

The fun was the Spotsylvanians singing at the Fredericksburg Christmas Market.  Except that one was really cold.  I doubt if it reached 44 degrees. (Ok, those of you where it gets really cold just remember being outside and singing in that temperature was cold to us.) I was very smart and put on a pair of snow boots and a really good pair of wool socks.  My feet never got cold.  I can't say the same for my hands trying to turn music pages.  Sigh.  But we had an appreciative audience.  After our performance Pat and I went directly to the car, grabbed lunch, and went home to warm up! It took most of the afternoon. 

So, how did I do on the goals.  Not too bad. 


✅Keep Working on Ornaments -- forward progress is being made on #3.

✅Quilt Natalie’s quilt -- done.

✅Make border for Dec APQ UFO Challenge piece Talking Turkey — progress being made but it’s going to take some time. 

Make some single blocks -- a couple of blocks done but not the one I had planned on. 

Prep wide backs for 3 quilts -- I washed all three wide backs but they need to be ironed before I can quilt them.

Not too bad but not fabulous.  Here's a picture of what the Talking Turkey border is going to look like. I know it isn't the best picture but it is what I had that I could photograph.  I now have quite a few flying geese ready to trim to the correct size. I won't sew them together until I have a whole side ready. 

Here's a sneak peek of Natalie's quilt.  I'll try to take a full on picture once I take it off the long arm.  This was at the beginning of the quilting. My daughter did a great job on it.

Here's what I hope to get done this week.  


Work on the last 2 ornaments all week

Load and quilt Sophie’s quilt

Make some more flying geese and string blocks for Talking Turkey 

Sing 2 rehearsals and 2 concerts with the Spotsylvians! 

Do some Christmas stuff! 

Some sewing is going to get done but not a whole lot.  On the other hand some singing will be going on too.  The Spotsylvanians' concerts are Saturday night and Sunday afternoon.  Our kids generally come to the Sunday afternoon one and then we all have dinner together.  In lieu of the usual pizza we're heading to the local Red Robin. Pizza always took a long time to get home.  Should be a fun time.  

I'm going to get the next step ready for the whale ornament I'm currently working on.  So I'm keeping this kind of short. You know what's next. Please take some time to visit a couple of these Linky parties to see what quilters are doing across the globe.  

Oh Scrap

Design Wall Monday 

To Do Tuesday 

I'll leave you with a "shocking" photo from last night's dinner prep. 

Have you figured it out?  Let's just say we didn't have as much baked potato as we thought we were going to have with dinner.  Some time while cooking it blew up.  We didn't hear anything.  I had stuck a fork into it several times before but this happened anyway. We've done a little more cleaning up since this but more is going to be needed.  I think we'll soak the racks to get them clean and then turn to the self cleaning mode.  Sigh.  Have you ever exploded a potato or anything else in your oven?  I haven't. 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 


  1. I always remember my mother using a fork to pierce potatoes before putting them in the oven. I just take a knife and make a small slice -- and your photo is my reminder to always do that! The unicorn is charming, especially the mane. Interesting border for Talking Turkey. Are you going to keep that one or give it to someone? Choral carols in the frosty air -- wonderful.

  2. Oh what a week you had - sorry for your loss! and yes!! Singing in 44 is cold!!! I agree!!

    your Unicorn is SO cute!!!

  3. I had something do that in the oven and I can't remember if it was a potato or something else - I cleaned off what I could and used the self cleaner and it took it off - the self cleaner is easy to use but to me it smells - I have very sensitive sinuses. I imagine it would be very cold outside for anything under 50 degrees when standing kind of still singing. Sorry about your friend

  4. sorry for your loss but it was sweet that your group sang in honor of your neighbor. yes, 44 is cold if you are not moving. hope you have a fun time singing this weekend and meeting up with family!

  5. Will the racks fit in your dishwasher? It’s worth a try. I puncture all sides of a potato with a knife (about 1/2” deep) and have never had a problem with exploding. Singing outside can’t be good for the voice/throat. I went to a short Christmas concert at the senior center today: they sang lots of old favorites.

  6. Oh what a messy potato, no can't say I have exploded anything-I usually do a knife cut in the potato. Busy week indeed for you and you still have projects moving forward. I was finally able to get my Affiliate link for Accuquilt set up-that was a big goal for me.

  7. The unicorn quilt is so fun! I'm guessing that must be for a granddaughter - I bet she will love it. Enjoy your concerts and time with your kids, too! No fun on the potato exploding - hope it gets clean with the self-cleaning function.

  8. I too am sorry for your loss. That's a neat border for Turkey Tracks. Sorry for that potato mess too.

  9. I'm sorry to hear about your neighbor. I used to sing in a church choir, and I had a really hard time singing at the funeral of a friend, so I salute you for not only singing but also during the cold! Natalie's quilt looks great. I look forward to seeing how your border will go on Talking Turkey. Ugh on the potato! Thank you for sharing (yes, even the "shocking photo") with To Do Tuesday! :D

  10. So sorry for the loss of your neighbor. Great job on your to do list considering how busy you are. Enjoy the rest of your choral performances. Stay warm!!!

  11. I have had my share of oven disasters, I confess. But never an exploding potato! I would think that your knife slits would have prevented that, but I guess not. I spilled a casserole out of a dish, into the oven, over the racks and all over the door and oven floor! What a mess. But most of the time everything turns out ok, and the goof ups help me remember the successes of most of my efforts, right? Hugs, Judy


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