Friday, January 6, 2023

A Finish from November 1 - 6 - 2023

I finished several quilts during November and December.  This one was my last November quilt finished. 

I've been calling this one Economy after the block name. My guess is I'll pass this on to a charity over the next few weeks. 

Hum, older picture what with Christmas decorations around the door. 
Quilting Pattern: Ariana 

The blocks are 9" finished and were cut using my 9" Accuquilt Cube.  The fabric is Simple Abundance by Camille of Thimble Blossom and Bonnie of Cotton Way for Moda.  Interesting fact is many years ago I won all of the fabric from a blogger who had made a sample from the collection.  It was a lot of fabric and I've used pieces of it in many different projects.  I still have some left if you can believe it.  

That's it for today.  I'm linking up with these Linky parties:

Take some time to surf the web this weekend.  There are lots of wonderful blogs with wonderful quilts to get your imaginations going!  

I have two more quilts I finished in December that I hope to get pictures of soon. 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 


  1. That was a wonderful bunch of fabrics you won and turned into this pretty quilt. Would you believe I have never made one of those blocks.

  2. Fabulous finish from the lovely shared fabric

  3. It's a great quilt from your winnings and sweet that you want to donate it!

  4. wasn't it wonderful having those giveaways on blogs -- that used to be a great way to win prizes - I won so much from them - now so many do their giveaways on Instagram and so many enter them it seems you have a very slim chance of winning. the quilt is great I have used those blocks

  5. That is a great finish!! I really like that block, and your fabrics... they are multiplying!! haha

  6. The fabrics look great together and work beautifully with the block pattern.

  7. a nice quilt and no doubt will be loved....appreciate the sew along info altho i've been able to resist so

  8. I like that pattern and the fabrics are so pretty.

  9. The gold border makes this shine!


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