Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Header Photo

It worked! I now have one of my quilts as the header photo.  Can anyone help me put a logo under the stuff in the right hand column?  I wonder what else I will learn as I create my Blog?


  1. Hello Bonnie could you tell me how you did that with your header photo i tried so many time but the picture is just to big for the header how do you minimize it?
    thank you Leni B

  2. Click on Dashboard
    Click on Layout
    Click on Add a gadget
    Click on Test

    After you click save you can pull your gadgets around in the Layout mode.
    Good job on your logo photo!

  3. Sharyn thanks for the idea. I'll probably try it tomorrow. Today was a road trip. Leni I did my header in Adobe Photo Shop. I guessed at a size (I think I told it 4 x 6). Then I dropped the pic from iPhoto to Photo Shop. It wacked off a a bunch of the quilt but I am happy with 2 and a half blocks! Then I put my words over it. I saved it as a jpeg. Then I went to the dashboard and chose edit header. I marked not to include title/description and I marked shrink to fit. (Well, I followed a few other directions like import, etc.) I believe I threw the whole thing away a couple of times, so this is trial and error. Believe me I am NOT very well versed on Photo Shop -- just enough to make a huge mess if I try a bit. Good luck. B.


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