Monday, September 22, 2008

Plans go awry

I started slowly today.  Last night I successfully unpacked two (2) more boxes in the studio.  I think that only leaves 3 and I know one of those goes to a storage closet for the time being. Progress is definitely being made! But I stayed up too late and was very slow getting moving this morning. This photo is at the beginning. Watch for further studio shots later this week. 

The plan for today was to finish the book Murder at the Opera by Margaret Truman.  It is due today - 9/22.  But the library isn't open today.  So go figure!  I started in on the book getting immersed in the story.  Phone jangling popped me out of Washington, DC and the events of putting on an opera.  Unfortunately it was Jenny sounding very upset.  Her car had just been rear ended and wasn't drivable.  She wasn't sure what to do. She is fine for the most part but will be sore and bruised by tomorrow.  And, then she has the mess of dealing with getting home, canceling her appointment, getting the car fixed.  

After the flurry of calls passing information and keeping all informed, I went back to the book and finished it.  Now the question is do I drive it over to the closed library that is a good 15+ minutes away or do I take it over tomorrow morning?  Maybe tonight or in the morning.

Now, it is time to try some quilting.  I'm going to look at my to do list and pick something off of that rather than just play on what strikes my fancy.  


  1. Isn't it funny how bad a new start has to look before it gets to the "I love my new studio" stage :) keep your chin up, our spaces are a work in progress just like we are. Sharyn/KalamaQuilts

  2. Bonnie, Please post photos of your studio all set up. I would love to see them. Do you live in a cape cod home? I see you have dormers.


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