Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fabric Busting Report, Finally

Here's my report for fabric usage from August.

Fabric used: 13.5 yards

Fabric purchased: 6.625 yards

Net fabric USED from stash: 6.875 yards


Year to date fabric used: 63.375 yards

Year to date fabric purchased: 81.375 yards

Net Year to date USED from stash :(18) yards

Wahoo! Snoopy Dancing going on around here! Finally, for the first time this year I have used more fabric then I brought in. Will this be a trend for the rest of the year? Can I use more fabric this year than I buy? I am going to try to continue this so I have a use-it-up trend going. I guess one month can't be a trend.

I'm off to make some small dents in my stash. A block here, a block there. And, yes folks, I do count EVERY block!

Happy Quilting All.


  1. Amazing how those bits and pieces contribute to the total amount used. Congratulations!

  2. Bonnie, how do you keep track of the fabric usage? In a note book? How did you get so organized? How do you remember to do it? I have trouble keeping track of hours when sewing for someone else. Anyway good job. I would like to do this myself. Nancy H

  3. Nancy H.
    Yes I do keep a little notebook. I've got one section for purchases -- that's easy what ever amount I buy. Outgoing is a bit more difficult. I don't count the fab used until I completely finish the quilt. Then I measure quilt and figure the square inches. Then divide by 1440 which allows a little for seams and not much for edges that are trimmed.

    If you want visit my profile and send me an email. I'll give you a bit more info.


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