Friday, September 11, 2009

Lazy Day

Wow! What's happen to me... my blogging is falling off. Sorry folks, I'm being lazy. Here's what's been happening:
• spent 4 hours at the local library volunteering.
• cleaned the house -- or at least parts of the house
• got borders on a quilt
• sewed the backing for quilt
• started to load a charity quilt on Ruthie...

Not all that much. Today I made an apple pie that is going on a trip with us. Kevin loves my apple pie so I am bringing it down for dessert.

For those who don't know us well, Saturday evening we will be glued to the TV watching the University of Southern California play Ohio State. Pat and I went to SC and Brian, Jen's dh, is from Ohio, thus a major Ohio State fan. A friendly little rivalry will be playing out that evening.

Sunday morning we're going to cheer Kevin on at the National Triathalon in DC. (I may have the name wrong, sorry Kev. ) We are negotiating what time we need to get to the location... I don't do mornings all that well!

Hopefully I'll have new photos over the next few days.

Happy quilting all!

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