Friday, March 26, 2010

Cold Snap but Quilting Continues . . .

Yes, we are having a bit of a cold snap after the 73 degrees on National Quilting Day. So a nice warm quilt would be great. Here's what's going on:

Now on Ruthie: Heidi's pineapple quilt. You can't see it in this picture but the paisley border has been quilted. Today I tackle the black piano keys.

At the Milford Guild meeting Wednesday night we heard from Michele Scott and her trunk show/lecture Quilt as Desired. She has some wonderful, vibrant quilts. Check out her website Needless to say I succumbed to some of her beautiful fabric. (Hey, I had decided I wasn't going to the Lancaster AQS show so that big temptation was under control. Plus 7 fat quarters for 10 bucks? That was really just prudent shopping!)

Remember that "bumb" from a few posts back. Um, yes, I am planning and scheming... but will wait until we know more about the bumb. I must see how the brilliant yellow Jen gave me years ago will go with these. Hum, may need to make several quilts. And, yes, I'm thinking little girl here. Sorry Jen...

And just so you know, I'm not stopping at quilting. Look what I fell for. (I had seen this pattern a while ago but wasn't quite as motivated then as I am now that there is a bump in the works.) Jen picked the green -- so the plan is to have this for Christmas. I'm being good and not starting it yet. Well, as of this minute I haven't started it but who knows what will happen as of tonight. (Note to self... don't forget to sew the binding on Plaza del Sol...) This cute pattern has preemie size up to 6 months. It is knit from the top down and the size of yarn and needles are altered to make the different sizes.

This is a Leisure Arts pattern with two sets -- hat, bonnet, blanket and sweater. And, as I said knit from the top down. This is so darn cute. I love the little leaves around the neckline. Hum, I wonder how it will look in Christmas green? I'm not really fond of the green shown. We were thinking a nice lilac for a girl. But, we don't know so the green is what it will be.

I've spent too much time goofing off today. Time to get back to Heidi's quilt. Ruthie is warmed up and ready to go. And, better yet, I even know what design comes next.

Note at the end of the day since I didn't get this posted earlier in the day ... I used my new pouncer and a stencil to mark the piano key border "l's" and they came out great. Well, if it worked for that border, how about another stencil for another border? Found a nice wave that fit perfectly. It is so easy to mark with the pouncer so I marked it and sewed it pretty quickly. I will be turning the quilt 1/4 turn to get to the other borders. I'm pretty jazzed about this pouncer. Look for photos in the near future.

Happy quilting everyone (and knitting if you like it too!)


  1. Cute sweater pattern! I can't wait to see your progress.

  2. Love the pattern and the green it's made in!!! Will we all know what color to make our baby presents in?

  3. Marilyn -- supposedly but who knows when ... I didn't like that green all that much... maybe it would be better in person...


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