Monday, March 22, 2010

National Quilting Day

It was a gloriously warm and sunny day as I drove off to participate in the Milford Valley Quilter's National Quilting Day. It is the first time I've ever gone to a planned event for Quilt Day. (shoot, is it Quilt Day,
Quilting Day, Quilter's Day??? does it matter, really? NOPE.) I arrived about 15
minutes late due to 1) not being able to find my sewing kit and 2) it was farther away than I thought and Map Quest gave ridiculous directions!

We all were given a kit and then made these cute little muffin pin cushions. I was going to use some of my own ribbon to put on it.

Jackie was there with goodies from A Stitch in Time.
I decided I had to have a new book about something that was mentioned in the last post.... but I won't tell you here and give it away. And, I got a charm pack of a Moda fabric line I like. I'm hoping I can make some nice pillow cases to go with the quilt in one of the guest rooms out of some of it. That is unless I can find the left overs from the quilt which is somewhere in the studio but isn't jumping up and shouting -- here I am!

We had a lovely lunch and an assortment of home made goodies for dessert. During much of the day there were drawings for door prizes. And, yours truly won a nice prize. A panda fabric panel with two go-with fabrics. There were some instructions but I'm sure I'll do a little bit more involved quilt of some sort with it.

After lunch there was a wonderful show and tell. I will be posting some photos from that over the next few days. The drive home was beautiful as I followed my table mates out and it was much faster getting to the freeway. And, the temperatures were in the low 70's. Lovely. We still had about a foot of snow on the garden -- mostly because of the snow blower.

Here's what I've been working on:

Plaza del Sol -- is quilted and the first side of the binding is sewn on.

Knitting project is done and needs to be washed.

Heidi's backing and top has been ironed and is ready to be loaded on Ruthie.

Late this afternoon I pulled out an old 4th of July quilt project. It is ready to be machine buttonhole stitched. I thought if I got going on it again there would be a good chance it will be done by late June in order to hang it.

The last thing I've been working on is gathering up all the little left over pieces of batting I have hanging around. One of the gals in the Milford Valley Guild makes pillows for cats (I assume cats in a shelter.) So I will be giving her a huge bag of this. Ah, the feeling of throwing something away with NONE of the guilt.

The weather has changed -- mid 50's and lots of rain. But Pat found daffodil leaves poking out of the ground -- some through the snow even. Yeah. We should have a beautiful display of yellow in a few weeks. (Phew, that means the critters didn't eat the bulbs.)

Hope you have had a quilty day. Happy quilting.


  1. Sounds like the perfect day! I have an old pillowcase pinned to my ironing board next to my sewing machine. All bits that I trim, any scrap less than an inch and all batting scraps get tossed into it. When it is full, I sew it up and donate it to the humane society for pet beds. They love them and you would be surprised at how fast they fill up!

  2. A lovely day and a lovely read. Thanks for sharing!


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