Monday, February 14, 2011

Design Wall Monday 2-14-11

Happy Valentine’s Day
Hope you have something fun planned with your honey! We're going out to dinner after we drop a car off for service. 

Here's what's on my design wall today: 
I'm going up to Maryland for a class with Faithful Circle Quilters and I thought I would take a few bom's for the drawing.  Blues and purples... and the bug jars haven't been mailed. (Sorry Pam... eventually I'll do it...)  Don't forget to visit Judy's blog for some more great design walls. 
I finally tried this Tucker Trimmer this week.  WOW!  I had watched a demo at FCQ's quilt show last April/May and was intrigued.  You can make both half square triangles and quarter square triangles.  I tried it on this little quarter square triangle and what a difference it makes!  I made some 1/4 sq. triangles a year ago Nov and it took way too much time trying to get them trimmed perfectly.  With this, just line up the X and cut.  No big deal.  Hum, maybe I'll use this with the 4 1/2" Valentines Blocks from 1992.  Don't hold your breath on that but it would be way faster than what I was trying to do. 
So how'd I do with last week's goals? 

    • Finish the center of the scrap quilt. (honest, I'll try!) Ok, not well with this one. I have all the rows done.  I have two of the borders done, ready to be attached although the center isn't ready obviously. I have the other 3 borders started.  But, the stupid center is not together yet. 
    • Buy the correct needles and finish the shrug for Sophia.  Well, needles are bought and the edge is started. How hard can this be it is only 5 rows with 125 stitches or so? 
    • Put the borders on the stretched star quilt.  Hum, quilt and finish it?  Borders are on it. Backing and quilt are hanging on Ruthie waiting for me to do some long arming. 
    • Work on 4" heart blocks from 1993.  Um, er, didn't happen but see above for the ruler discussion -- it may happen at some point soon.
    • Sew on 2009 Bunny Hill BOM A Tisket, A Tasket. Yes! I actually sewed a handle and a cat on a block and prepped some more pieces. 

Once again I have some successes but didn't make huge dents in my goals. This week's will be pared back as I am attending a Susan Cleveland class in Maryland and visiting Sophia.  (That's why I'm trying to get her sweater done.)

    • Sew on 2009 Bunny Hill BOM A Tisket, A Tasket.
    • Finish Sophia's sweater.
    • Load something on Ruthie. 
    • Enjoy a safe trip to Maryland. 
I close with our newly redone closet.  Last weekend while I sewed away Pat redid our closet.  It looks so much better -- I should have taken before pictures.

It sure looks great.  But my part will never be that neat, the story of my life. 

Happy Quilting All!  


  1. love the new closet-someday I hope my hubby gets inspired to just change the crappy doors on ours!An interior re do would probably cause cardiac arrest-in me so I wouldn't be around to enjoy it haha.
    I hate it when I don't get everything done on my I've been known to re-write it :)

  2. I love the blue and purple blocks. I have to look for that ruler! I love rulers!! I can't live without my list. And your closet...very nice!

  3. Hey, send that closet guy to my house. I have a list of things he can do here.

  4. Love the new closet! That is slick!

  5. I want and need those shoe shelves and the ruler. Isn't it great what we can do with HSTs? Yours aew pretty colors.

  6. Have fun at your class. That ruler intriques me. Can Pat come do my closet next??

  7. Blue & purple blocks looking great - good luck with the drawing!

  8. That little tool looks very cool. I love the blue and white blocks youmade!

  9. la,la,LOVE your new closet!!! That shoe shelf is every girls dream!!! I recently said good bye to 60 lbs of clothes (I weighed each of the trash bags b/c the scales just happen to be right there) - clothes that I hadn't worn in YEARS!!! and my closet still needs more weeding out... ;) I'd love to one day have organizers like yours. Great job hubby!!

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie


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