Friday, March 25, 2011

Just Squares -- Mysteries for Relay

Photo shoot day for Just Squares top, the latest from Marge at Mysteries for Relay yahoo group. I thought it would look terrific with the purple tree that is in the side yard.  Ah, and a lovely white fence.  Um, wind, wind... stop blowing it.  

If you would like a copy of this pattern check with Marge at .  My guess is the pattern isn't up there yet but it soon will be.  $5.00 from each pattern sale goes to the American Cancer Society.  (And, heck, some are offered electronically so the cost is $5.50.  What a deal!) 

And, if you'd like to join in the Mysteries for Relay fun coming up next month click on the button on the side bar. 

Ok, move to the other wind, lovely floral tree branch.

Ah, yes, a wonderfully artistic shot.  Um, you can't really see the quilt all that well.  Sigh. 

Much better, on the grass at the bottom of the tree. 

Ooh... what they fail to tell you about this wonderful white PLASTIC fencing is that mold grows on it.  Hum, that green probably matches the quilt pretty well.  The inside of the back yard has beautiful white fencing as it gets a lot of morning sun.  Sigh, again.  

And, a last shot of the beautiful trees in our side yard.  (And notice the perfectly white fence.) Anyone know what that magenta tree is?  Are there various colors of cherry trees?  Just wondering. 

Happy quilting all! 


  1. could that be a redbud tree? beautiful quilt!

  2. Oh nice artistic photos love the quilt and the trees. I'd guess Redbud too but DON'T go by anything I say! Very pretty trees whatever species they are.
    And dang we have a big solid white fence going down part of our yard--I didn't know they'd go green like that....wait til I tell Paul...He won't give a hoot but I'm going to tell him about it anyway! :)

  3. I am not sure on the trees,but the quilt is gorgeous.

  4. Definitely redbud. Great quilt.

  5. I really like this quilt. Excellent job - great colors.

  6. Just hopped here from Quiltvillechat - I love to read blogs and see pretty pics. Your blog is great, wonderful pictures. Hey, it's really spring wherever you are! Gorgeous quilts and darling baby. Definitely following up on the pattern for the pink quilt, and check into the mystery group as well. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Love the Spring photos Bonnie! Definitely a change from those on my blog! Around here that type of cherry is callede a Nan King Cherry. It is about the only cherry that grows around here, quite a bit hardier than the other types.

    The quilt you are displaying on your multi-toned fence is gorgeous! It matches quite well with the spring colours in your yard!

    As for the fence, what a pain! They are quite popular around here as a low maintenance property divider or for horses in the larger form. However, I think they also come in Aluminium and I can never tell the difference from far away as we fly by in the car! Is there a "cure" for it, or do you just have to live with it?

    Enjoy your lovely days. I have been to Virginia in the spring and it is beautiful!

  8. I am pretty sure that is a redbud tree like the others...
    I love the fencing with the mold it also adds character to a sparkling fence...LOl
    and the quilt is just the piece de` it


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