Saturday, March 19, 2011


Are you celebrating National Quilting Day?  I spent several hours working on Ruthie on this quilt, Super Duper Easy,  also known as Mysteries for Relay #13.  We just finished #18.  Or, in my case, almost finished the center of the top.  I’m guessing I’m either going to make it bigger or add interesting borders.   

I am using a design from one of Dawn Ramirez’s Pajama Quilters DVD.  Perhaps not quite as well done as hers but I like the way it is coming out.  Here's the border. 
Hum, can’t see the quilting all that well.  Sorry about that.  I’m off to see if I can finish it before I get ready for a party at the neighbor’s. 

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. Love the magenta quilt! You are one busy lady. I have almost as many projects in the works!


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  3. Lovely quilt. The quilting is easy to see if you click on the photo and then left-click on it when it opens in another window. Very inspiring to this novice machine quilter.


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