Monday, July 11, 2011

Design Wall Monday 7-11-11

The design wall still has the Chunky Churn Dash top on it.  It is now 9 rows. 
I am also almost finished with this Quilts for Kids top. I need to put one more border on it. 

Goals for week of 7/4/11
Clean house, prep food & host 4th of July Barbecue
Put binding on 1st Quilt for Kids quilt.
Sew top of Chunky Churn Dash quilt together. In rows
Quilt Jenny’s beach quilt. Bummer… see below
Quilt charity quilt. Double bummer . . . see below
Get 2nd Quilt for Kids quilt to flimsie stage. Still needs one border
Read Sophia new books. 
Keep trying to make Ruthie happy.  She’s still not happy – new part on order…. 

Goals for week of 7/11/11
Sew Chunky Churn Dash rows together, think about border.
Get  last border on 2nd Quilt for Kids quilt.
Begin work on UFO – Disappearing 9 Patch.
Cut fabric for retreat drawings.
If Ruthie is back up and working Quilt:
      Jenny’s quilt
      Double Bow Tie
      2nd Quilt for Kids Quilt

Lookie, lookie see my toothies! 
Sophia was fascinated with the VCR flap and kept putting her fingers in there.  Hope it still works! 

Don't forget to check out other's design walls by visiting Patchwork Times. Oops, Judy doesn't have the design wall post up yet.  I'll come back and post the link when it is available.   I don't know when Judy remembered but I've been busily working away on this week's goals.  One seam left for the Quilt for Kids quilt.  And, half way done sewing the Chunky Churn Dash rows together and I found a perfect border fabric for it in my stash.  YEA for stashbusting. I may not have put enough things on this list (especially if Ruthie doesn't get up and running soon!)
Happy Quilting! 


  1. Sophia is a doll!! So very cute with her new teeth and her fingers in the vcr. (hehehe) I see that you write out your weekly goals. I plan out monthly goals, except for Angela's quilt. You suggested that I do 1 or 2 blocks per week. I've been doing that and it hasn't been stressful at all. Just lots of fun. Thanks!

  2. Wow..that chunky churndash is great with the red!!! Seeing yours is guilting me into thinking mine should be my next one to quilt!!! the look on Sophia!!

  3. Your quilts are great. I love that chunky churndash. And the little darling girl... just send her my way!!


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