Monday, July 18, 2011

Design Wall Monday 7-18-11

 Here's a new quilt I started this week instead of working on my disappearing 9 patch UFO. Kevin gave me a fat eighth bundle from Connecting Threads for Christmas in 2009.  January of this year I went somewhat wild buying fabric to go with the bundle. See all of them here?  It was one of the projects on my I-want-to-make-this-year list.  I was browsing various patterns and web sites and found the rail fence with extras that I mentioned last week.  It is working really well except those holes you see at the bottom.  I ran out of the light blue and have added in another light blue.  It is very obviously different in real life so I'm placing the blocks made with the darker blue in specific areas. To do that I've been taking apart blocks and moving them around so it all works.  And, I've cut some more solid blocks.  Tomorrow I hope to finish this top.  

 Here are a couple of pairs of sunglasses from Jenny's quilt.  Note the cool placement of fabric on the pair on the left.  Clever girl that Jenny. (You may need to click on the picture to enlarge it to see the detail.) 
This double bow tie is up next on Ruthie.  It's been a top for several months.  I'll be happy to get it finished so I can hang it in the bathroom.  

Goals from week of 7/11/11
Sew Chunky Churn Dash rows together, think about border. √ Done and border chosen but not on yet.
Get last border on 2nd Quilt for Kids √ quilt top done.
Begin work on UFO – Disappearing 9 Patch Oops started a new quilt instead!
If Ruthie is back up and working Quilt:
      Jenny’s quilt √ done.
      Double Bow Tie ready to load.
      2nd Quilt for Kids Quilt

Goals for week of 7;18/11
Put the borders on Chunky Churn Dash.
Figure out the backing for Chunky…
Sew rows together of winter rail fence.
Figure out the backing for winter rail fence.
Quilt:     Double Bow Tie
            2nd Quilts for Kids Quilt
Cut and sew together Disappearing 9 Patch.
Begin looking for mom of the groom dress… ugh not my favorite thing to do.     
Take Raggs in for teeth cleaning.
Make blocks for quilt Jenny and I are making together.
Put a border on charity round robin quilt from the FCQ Equilters.  

I'm feeling pretty good about reaching most of my goals this week.  I always like to have more than I am likely to achieve just in case I am super productive.  (Hey it happens, seldom but every once and a while!)  More often I end up getting engrossed in a novel so I don't get everything done.  This list does keep me focused.  

Don't forget to visit Patchwork Times to visit blogs around the country/world to see what's on folk's design wall. 
Happy Quilting All!  


  1. love the sun glasses, and the rest of the quilts, well done

  2. The Cute Sunglasses made me come and look! You have fun keeping "Ruthie" busy. Very Colorful quilts.

  3. I've never seen the rail fence with extras before, looks interesting. The first quilt I made was a rail fence and I love it even now (not my best work, though). And I really like the bow tie quilt. The colors are great and the placement makes it difficult to see what the block really is. Nice.

  4. I love this rail fence with extras. I have a honey bun and charm pack that I know what to do with now!! The other quilts look great too.

  5. Great job on meeting your goals for the week.

    The double bow tie is a colorful and fun quilt.

    Happy Quilting.

  6. I really like your developing rail fence...I like the random interest blocks and I think having 2 blues makes it more interesting...what about running a couple of diagonal block series with the darker blue?

  7. I really like the sunglasses, and the other quilts are all such happy colors. With that bow tie in the bathroom, you'll have a line outside the door, no one will want to leave!

  8. Cute rail fence. Your design decisions show the benefit of a design wall--someday I will have one again. For now, it's the design floor :)

    Great sunglasses! fun fun.

    Love the double bow-tie quilt bunches!

    I always like to read your goals. You are ambitious :)

  9. I love your lists! I used to make them and then just forgot about them. Thanks to you I am going back to them starting tonite!

  10. Great projects. Love the sunglasses!

  11. that quilt with the sunglasses makes me smile every time I see it. I'll be so sad when you finish that one. Can you take your time with that one and just keep posting update :) You're working Ruthie too hard!


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