Monday, December 19, 2011

Design Wall Monday 12-19-11

Christmas Crunch time has arrived.  I've got 6 days to finish two projects, wrap all the Christmas presents, make a bunch of cards and get them in the mail.  Hey, no problem.  Or at least it seems like it is all doable. 

Here's what's on the design wall this morning.  Little bits of several projects. The most obvious is the FCQ Equilter's Komen donation quilt.  As I have time I keep making blocks for it. It definitely goes to the front burner right after the holidays.  I may need to replace some of the really dark blocks with lighter blocks or at least blocks that can "ease" in the darker blocks.  Sigh.  What does everyone think about them?  Some too dark?  Perhaps I should remake some of the blocks and put the white in them? I'm thinking about the last two blocks in the top row.  If I took out the green/yellow and replaced with white yellow? Same with the far right -- replaced the dark pink with white?  Opinions needed, if you have time please.

The log cabin continues as an ender.  And down at the bottom is a secret project that still needs a binding and to get in the mail early this week. Don't to forget to visit Patchwork Times to see bloggers across the internet start to panic as we all try to finish our projects in time for Christmas! 

On the voting front.  See last post for the details.  Evidently there was an error and the voting has been extended through midnight, so I'm asking everyone who hasn't voted to go to Quilting Bloggers to vote for my quilt, Aged Christmas Pineapple.  I'm very close to second place and I'd love to come in 2nd or first would be lovely too.  Here's the link:  

Goals for Week of 12/12/11
Make a block for the FCQ Equilters Komen donation quilt
Finish secret Christmas present worked on it but not done yet!
Start and finish another secret Christmas present argh need to find the pattern
Make Christmas cards and mail off started
Work on Carolina Christmas
Work on black & white log cabin blocks 
Post my Occupy My Studio finishes (hopefully!)
Raggs in for grooming√ he smells so much better
Hair Cut
Little Christmas shopping

I did pretty well on last week's goals... on to this week...
Goals for Week of 12/19/11 Yikes less than a week ‘til Christmas!
Finish secret Christmas present.
Find pattern, start and finish another secret project
Bind a third secret project and mail it out
Send off FCQ Equilters blocks for Joan
Finish Christmas cards and mail
Wrap presents
Last minute shopping?
Work on Carolina Christmas
Work on black and white
Work on FCQ Equilters Komen donation quilt

On to the studio.  Oops, need to eat and get dressed first and then -- on to the studio.  If I can get the three secret projects done it would help a lot.  Here's hoping there are enough hours in the days for all of you.  Happy sewing. 


  1. Like everything on your wall, but especially your applique - wonderful!

  2. I love everything you are working on. Such inspiration. Hugs

  3. I hope you've gotten your three secret projects finished (or at least close to it)! I understand the pressure of secret sewing. LOL! And I *so* hope you win the Christmas Quilt contest! :)

  4. Your wall has many good ideas today. I have two Christmas projects to finish but each only has about one hour, maybe Tuesday morning.

  5. There are never enough hours in the day. :-)

    I'd opt for adding some white. I think it would add some balance. But then I'm a matchy matchy sort of person.

  6. I think you could work in the darker colored blocks. Depending uponw what layout you are planning, maybe you could add a few more darker blocks and put those in the cener with the lighter blocks around them, or evenly distributed them throughout the setting. All kinds of options there. Very pretty blocks by the way, I like the bright colors you are using.

    I'm in the same boat as you, 2 projects to finish, wrap gifts and make cards. I'm about half done with all of those. Hope you've made progress too.


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