Monday, December 5, 2011

Design Wall Monday 12-5-11

I still have the applique block now with 3 blocks around it on the design wall.  I'll show it again as I have more blocks done but I'm giving you a break for the time being.  Here's what is on my cutting table doing dual purpose as my design wall.... kind of!
I blame Elaine Adair for these blocks.  They are ALL her fault.  She has made several really cool log cabin quilts that kind of dance across the quilt because they get cut apart and then resewn into a slightly different block before she sews them together.  I had to try it! And, then she posted a tutorial on her blog.  Well, you see why I had to make them.  

Two Christmases ago Jenny gave me a roll of black and whites which I thought would go perfectly in this quilt and even better, they are 5" wide so I can get a lot of 1.5" strips out of them.  It was kismet -- how could I not do them?  So they are like my second leader and ender project. (I know, I know how can I do two ender projects? Easy -- sew a couple of the Carolina Christmas units and then a couple of the logs onto strips. While I was visiting Jenny I raided her scrap bag.  She made a black, white and red bargello quilt several years ago.  I grabbed a bunch of her blacks, whites, reds for the center pieces and darn, a soft purple, a yellow a... well you get the idea.  Her stash is way newer than mine and I like it! I wasn't planning on counting it until I realized how much I took.  So, now I'm measuring the strips and will add it to my statistics in December.  Why not, I've added so much to my stash this year I'll never make a dent in it again. Ever. Honest! 

Goals for Week of 11/28/11
Secret little quilt for a swap…
Layout beige and turquoise quilt, start sewing rows together (put on the back burner)
Make more blocks for the FCQ Equilter’s Komen quilt
Finish Clue 4 of Carolina Christmas, start putting blocks together
Make a quiltie started all three…
Baby sit Sophia
Sew with Sharon

Not a bad week in terms of getting my list done.  This week's is a bit longer but hopefully just as doable.  

Goals for Week of 12/5/11
Occupy my Studio
Finish secret little quilt
Begin secret Christmas present
Finish 3 quilties
Mail off quilties, small quilt and a return
Start Christmas cards
Put Christmas quilt on bed, hang 2 others
Tie off threads on red, white and blue and give to charity
Work on Carolina Christmas
Work on black & white log cabin blocks
Make and wrap ornament for guild exchange
Wrap cookie cutter for guils exchange
Make a couple of pillowcases to go with the Christmas quilt (?) 
Make more blocks for the FCQ Equilter’s Komen quilt
What are you working on?  Have you seen what folks are working on all over the web?  Go to Patchwork Times to take a look. 


  1. Oh man that is going to be an incredible quilt. I thought it looked good as a plain ol' log cabin. Then I saw the quilts on the tutorial. Holy smokes!! I think I might have try that one. Can't wait to see how yours progresses

  2. How pretty! Bonnie, I'd just commented on another blog how much I love the red,white and black color combination!! :)

  3. Me again! For what it's worth, 3 years ago, the Viewers Choice at our annual Quilt Show was black/white like yours! Good choice! 8-))) It's looking lovely already. Be sure, when you lay your square template on the block and mark for trimming, that you ALWAYS keep the "tilt" of the template to the left. (I've never made that quilt with mixing up the tilt direction, so it could possible work out wonderfully, but I found it confusing to have blocks that tilted both ways. )

  4. That log cabin looks fun! I'm sure you'll get a lot accomplished this week as you occupy your sewing room.

  5. What a fun collection of black and white and red all overs. Other people's stashes are always more fun than our own. Hope you get some things crossed off the list, it looks like a big week is planned. Enjoy every minute.

  6. Oh my. I totally understand. I think it will be elaine's fault that I end up making a few dozen of these buggers too.........darn her!

    thanks for the revelation!


  7. Beautiful! Saw Elaine's tut and have to say: it will give you an awesome quilt!

  8. Love the log cabin blogs. Black, white and red is a fun color combo to work with. Good luch with all your plans for the week!


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