Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Occupy Your Sewing Room Results

Yea!  Some results even if there is nothing finished to show you.  Here's some of the things I worked on. I have lots of these blocks in various stages.  So I did get way more done than just what is shown here.  And, I have a surprise project that is an hour away from finishing but hit the back burner for a week. 

These are actually two different projects but I like how they go together.  When I finally finish the log cabin quilt I may have to try a border with these half square triangles.  Well, not these exact ones... these belong to Carolina Christmas that I am now using as a leader ender.  I think I will be putting the blocks together after this clue.

See the little button on the right side bar?  I'm trading quilties at Sandra Kaye?  These are two of my three quilties.  They need to go in the mail TODAY. I still need to label and hand stitch the binding. 1 hour tops. But this internet is sucking me in today.  I think I will vanish from here and head to the studio to finish these babies.  

Happy Quilting All!


  1. Great progress - I love the snowmen.

  2. Love your log cabin in progress. Very striking. Your snowman is adorable.

    I put you on my sidebar under Scrap Squad so maybe you will get some more visitors and followers. Hugs

  3. What fun projects. I'm so glad you joined in.

  4. Black, Red and White are one of my favorite color combos. My high school colors were black and red so it takes me back to a very happy time in my life. The snowman is a cutie!

  5. Love the log cabin. Nothing is better than black white and red in a log cabin!! Adorable little snowman too!

  6. Hello Bonnie,

    Love your blocks and that snowmen is so damn cute.
    happy days.

  7. great looking blocks love the snowmen!

  8. What fun snowmen!! Someone is going to be very pleased!!! :)

  9. The log cabin blocks are wonderful, but the quilt would be stunning with those half star reds around it.


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