Friday, December 9, 2011

Have You Shopped for Batting Recently?

Honestly, I don't think I've spent much time looking at battings recently.  But today I was looking at the battings at JoAnns.   I saw some of the regular ones I'm used to -- poly, Rose Cotton (I think that is what it was called), Warm and White, Warm and Natural... all the regular ones.  But I also saw three battings on a flat "roll" or bolt.  I'd never noticed before.
What?  Soy blended with cotton.  48" wide isn't bad for lap sized quilt tops but not so good for queen or king.  Stitching can be 8 to 10" apart.  Doesn't say anything about shrinkage.

And, here's rayon.  I'm assuming it is all rayon. Quite a bit of shrinkage but stitching can be 8 to 10" apart.  But notice that gentle wash.  Hum, does that mean once quilted it can be only washed in a gentle cycle?
And, how about rayon from bamboo along with rayon.  YUCK -- hand soak, no wringing dry flat.  I guess I want to throw my finished quilts in the washing machine.  And, this is $12.99 a yard.  Hum, I wonder how wide it is.  I think it might be the same as the other two.  Wish I had thought to look at the prices on the other two.  I was so focused on getting a picture where I could read what was in each batting I didn't pay any attention to the price.  But I do like the Made in USA information.  I may have to give this one a try just because it is made in the US.

What's your favorite batting?  I think Quilter's Dream either the cotton or the cotton poly would be high on my list.  And, I tried a package of Tuscany that I won a year or two ago and I really liked it.  I mostly quilt on my long arm and I've had good luck with them.  When I first got the long arm I bought a roll of warm and white.  I have just a little bit left of it now.  Since cotton has gotten so expensive I don't think I will be buying a roll of it again even with 50% off from JoAnns.

I'm still working away on my goals and a few things that should have been on the goal list but didn't make it.  Sigh.

I'm back to stitching on a label and a binding.  Happy Quilting All!


  1. It's good to see someone actually labeling bamboo correctly. It truly is rayon and is not supposed to be called bamboo anymore because after it's processed it no longer has any of the properties of bamboo. I'll stick with cotton and cotton/poly blends. I know how they will work out!

  2. When money is no object, wool batting is my absolute favorite. It needles like a dream and when you put a completed quilt on the bed it drapes beautifully. I use warm and natural most of the time though I recently started using flannel as a batting for baby quilts and I like it very much! It shrinks up beautifully and makes the quilt really easy to wrap up around a baby. I just bought yards and yards of it when Joann's had it for $1.49 a yard on Black Friday. I used a poly batting one time. Absolutely hated it. And that new packaged cotton batting at Joann's is horrible!! It stretches like crazy when I use it on the long arm.

  3. I'm a big fan of Quilters Dream battings and stock poly, cotton, and blend. Ninety percent of the time my customers choose the poly because it shrinks the least when washed (in the washer, Bonnie) and costs the least, too. Plus, the Quilters Dream folks are wonderful to deal with. IMHO

  4. good post-love hearing others opinions on batting which comes in so many varieties I could lose my mind (which is easy to do anyway!)
    last year I purchased a roll-30 yds 96" wide Pellon 80/20 batt w/scrim.(on-line) It reminded my of the 80/20 packaged batt from Jo Ann's- worked great on the HQ16 but not as heavy (thick) as Warm and Natural-which I really love too.
    I have a pkg of wool that I'm saving for a certain quilt I hope to do in a month or so (not holding my breathe tho') and can't wait to see how that goes since Everyone says wool is wonderful!
    I really don't like poly-but the Quilters dream stuff is nice, forget what it's called.

  5. After 10 years as a longarm quilter, and seeing some of my early baby quilts washed hundreds of times, I'm absolutely sold on Quilters Dream Request. They also make a great one which acts like a shield against fire that I recommend for baby quilts and quilts for the elderly.


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