Monday, December 24, 2012

Design Wall Monday 12-24-12

It's down to the last week of the year...

I'm still sewing and embroidering and cooking and soon to be cleaning house a bit.  Here's what's been on my sewing machine recently.

Clue 4.  I haven't done Clue 3 and I'm not up to 5 yet.  That's ok.  Things are going to get much calmer around here sometime next week.  I'll catch up then.  And, we all know it isn't a race.
I also embroidered a couple of towels.  I really like how this pattern came out.  Now if I could just find some towels in a color other than Army green.  Below is a different pattern from the same collection.  Hum, it looks like the swirl isn't even it looks fine in person. 
The kids will be coming this weekend so their Christmas presents are still in progress.  Only one is wrapped.  Sigh.  I have a bit of sewing to do and some crocheting that will not be done in time no doubt. Bummer.  

I did spend a bit of time this afternoon wrapping these up.  We can't put them under the tree as we'll be gone for a while tonight and we don't trust those dogs.  Now we have 3 -- Kevin's dog is visiting.  They all get along really well but we just don't trust our friend, Raggs and his buddy, Kona with any paper.  

Week of Dec. 17
Layout and sew blocks into top SS #6
Keep working on Easy Street
Work on Natalie’s Christmas present
Wrap presents√ well at least the ones for tomorrow are wrapped
Do some embroidery on machine

Week of Dec. 24
Quilt SS #6 (It's already on Ruthie, yeah!) 
Work on Natalie's Christmas present
Make one of Sophia's presents
Do the Christmas festivities with the kids and grands
Work on Easy Street 
Not bad.  I should be able to get most of this done this week.

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Happy Quilting All!


  1. The towels are fabulous! Do you have to guide your machine or is it programmed?

    Merry Christmas to all gathered under your roof.

  2. Merry Christmas Bonnie!!! Much love!!!!

  3. The green is the perfect background for the lovely embroidery. Very nice. You'll catch up with Easy Street - the last clue was very quick. Merry Christmas.


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