Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Design Wall Monday on Wednesday 1-21-2013

I didn't get as much done in the studio this past week.  No good reason that I can remember.  I found several pinwheel blocks that I made for a charity baby quilt.  The blocks are bright and don't really go together. I started making more pinwheels in bright colors but not big prints.  I was thinking that would calm down the quilt a bit.  Except, really.  Orange?  Calm.  This picture doesn't really show how bright these blocks are.  I'll need to add some more bright prints and some more calmer blocks.  The blue and fish block used a solid fabric.  I like the idea of using some of my solids as it isn't something I think to use on a regular basis. 

The reason this blog is late is I couldn't upload the photos from my iPad to Blogger.  Now I can't figure out how to take the photos from iPad to the Mac laptop.  Sigh. I'll have to search "the cloud" to see if I can find more photos...

What I worked on last week: 
• string blocks for my FCQ Equilters group.  I've got 12 almost finished with plans to make more.

• 10" pinwheels for a baby quilt.

• almost finished through step 5 on Easy Street.

• Triangle Thursdays blocks 

How did I do on my goals this week?  Not that bad.

Week of Jan. 14, 2013
Work on Easy Street* did some more units
Hand quilt hexagon small quilt *started
Finish prepping all the orange peel pieces, begin appliquing* I started the appliqué but don't know if I have all the pieces I need 
Let’s try to get a quilt on Ruthie* ok, I've got the previous bright pinwheel quilt loaded but I need to work on the tension so nothing is quilted 
On to Lessons 3 & 4 on EQ7* oops, didn't get this done 

Week of January 21, 2013
Finish string blocks
Start clue 6 of Easy Street
Clean house
Organize food for Sat night party
Play with Sophia and Natalie√What can I say, I'm ahead of the week! 
Drive home safely

I was visiting Sophia and Natalie on Monday. (drove up Sunday afternoon and home Tuesday morning.  Just before the girls left Tuesday morning I snapped this picture.  It was really cold that morning -- I think in single digits. 
 You can still check other design walls across the internet by visiting Patchwork Times.

Yesterday on Quilty Pleasures blog my last Scrap Squad was featured.  Wow, it seems like this year flew by.  As I mentioned earlier I used more fabric in 2012 then in any year since I've been keeping statistics.  I think the Scrap Squad is one reason.  You can visit my Caribbean Vacation quilt by clicking the name. I'll be featuring it on my blog in the next week or so.  

Happy Quilting. 


  1. I saw your Scrap Squad quilt yesterday. I like it!

    What challenge have you accepted to do this year?

  2. It's amazing how we can get done now that our time on the Scrap Squad is


  3. Remember, Bonnie, Arlene Chase always insisted that orange is a neutral.

    Barbara Bennett


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