Thursday, January 31, 2013

Triangle Thursday #5

Jan. 31, 2013
Flashing Wind Mills
This design is #1264 from Barbara Brackman’s Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns.  It is also known as Pinwheels.  I prefer Flashing Wind Mills because many other blocks are known as Pinwheels. Click here for a printer friendly version. 

Cutting directions are for 4” and  6” finished size.
Number to cut
Dark Triangles
Use the 1” triangle template
Use the 1 1/2 ” triangle template
Light Triangles
Use the 1” triangle template
Use the 1 1/2 ” triangle template
Background Squares
2 ½”
3 ½”

We’re back to a 4 patch style block so I can give you measurements for both the 4” and 6” blocks.

I was late starting this week’s block so I looked for triangles that I had already sewn into half square triangle blocks.  And, not surprising, I found two sets.  I hadn’t pressed them open so I was able to use my templates to figure out if these were the right size.
Sometimes I sew triangles to be cut off together before I cut them off but not always.  The two sets of triangles were sewn with white so all I needed to add was the white on white background squares.  One I was able to find the same material but the other is different.  No big deal.

Here are the pieces of Flashing Windmills ready for piecing. I sewed the two triangle units together first and ironed to the colored fabric.  Then the two sets of 2 triangles together.  Make sure you watch where the color triangles are.  That’s one reason I sew picking up the pieces of the block from a lay out.  Once the pinwheel blocks are made I sewed each to a white square and ironed to the white.  Then I sewed the two rows together, nesting the seams. Carefully press the block flat. Trim to the correct size if necessary. 

Here are both finished blocks.

I’ve owned that teal/purple paisley print for at least 20 years and I still keep finding pieces of it.  I’ll be happy when I see the last of that one! 

Happy Quilting All 


  1. Thanks for the Google Doc files for Triangle Thursdays. It makes it easier to have a printout at the sewing machine.

  2. I think I had / have that fabric, also. I have it in pink and brown as well. I just saw your note about being grandparents again in July. Congratulations - those little people are what life is really all about.


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