Monday, May 6, 2013

Design Wall Monday 5/5/13

Here's what I worked on Friday.
Country Piecemakers had a baby quilt sew-in day to use up some of the fabric that had been donated to the group and to produce some quilts quickly.  I chose to make this quilt. I saw this video at Missouri Star Quilt Company with directions. (This is the You Tube version as I was having a lot of problems viewing the video at Missouri Star's web site.) Since I had 2 1/2" strips, that is what I used.  If I did it again I might use larger strips to make it go a little faster.  I had too many strips of the same fabric so I'll be grabbing some strips from my stash to add to it and add a little variety. 

I didn't get mine done as it was way more work then the 1600 quilt every one else was doing.  You can see a video of this from Missouri Star Quilt Company. (Again, this is the You Tube version.) About 30 strips are enough to make a decent size baby quilt.  To save time, our gals were sewing the strips end to end. 
 Sewing the strips together.

Trimming the edges of the quilt. 

Oops.  We didn't always have wof strips so a little border was needed on this quilt.  I brought home two of the quilts to quilt up on Ruthie but I'm not sure they will be done until later in the summer.  I know that more than 10 quilts were finished or almost finished that day.  Wow! 

Yikes!  I didn't do too well on my goals this week. 
Week of April 29, 2013

Work on guild challenge quilt √ ready to be quilted
Finish Jenny’s quilt Well, I’m almost done…
Piece the backing for the kitty cat quilt and load it on Ruthie er, nope
Start the Small Quilt Chat swap quilt ah, nope
Finish binding on charity pinwheel quilt ehhh, nope

Week of May 6, 2013
Finish and trim Jenny’s quilt
Print labels for Country Piecemakers
Mark, batt up and quilt challenge quilt
Quilt 1 of CP’s charity quilts
Quilt FCQ’s charity quilt
Make backing for Kitty Cat quilt
Quilt my Kitty Cat charity quilt

This is a horribly long list.  Hopefully I'll get several charity quilts done so I don't need to store them while Ruthie is dismantled.

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Happy Quilting All! 

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  1. I'd bookmarked that video tutorial but forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder.


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