Thursday, May 30, 2013

Triangle Thursday #17

Dutchman’s Puzzle
This design is number 1339a in Barbara Brackman’s Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns. It is also called Wheel by Ohio Farmer in 1894. I’ve always heard it called Dutchman’s Puzzle so that’s what I’m calling it.  Click HERE for a printer friendly version. 

Unlike previous blocks, I paper pieced this block.  I’m sure you can find these double flying geese units some where in a book or on the net but here’s how you can draw the foundations for a 6” block.  You will need four of these units for the block.  To draw your own use 4 squares-to-an-inch grid paper.  Each unit makes 2 flying geese.

1) Start by drawing a 3” square that has enough room around it to add the ¼” seam allowance. 
2) Mark the half way point on the sides and the top – 1 ½” from the edge.  NOTE: Always start your lines at the edge of the finished square.  That’s why I don’t draw the ¼” seam allowance until after the pattern is drawn.
3) Draw a horizontal line from one side mark to the other mark. 
4) From the edge of the horizontal line draw a line to the top center mark. (This should look like a half square triangle.)
5) Repeat this for the other direction.
6) Mark the half way mark on the horizontal line. 
7) Make a line from the bottom corners to the center of the horizontal line. 
8) Add a ¼” seam around the entire block. 
You’re done!  That wasn’t so hard was it? If you aren’t sure what I mean check the diagram above. And, don’t forget to number the piecing order on your papers.
I drew two blocks and then copied them on my printer to Carol Doak’s Foundation Paper. Make sure your printer is set to print at 100%.  If it is marked fit to paper there is a good chance your copy will be too small, just like my first attempt was!
If you aren’t familiar with paper piecing there are several good videos on You Tube.  Just search paper piecing  or foundation piecing.  I’ve paper pieced off and on for years.  I recently took Carol Doak’s class through Craftsy.  I learned a whole lot and now it is much easier for me to succeed.
Cutting directions are for 6”
Number to cut
Center triangles
2” template
Side triangles
Slightly bigger than 1 ½” template

Paper piece four foundations following the numbers as given.  I recommend ironing between each fabric addition. Once all four units are done lay them out as shown below.

By swapping around the placement of the geese units you get a different block.  This is 1338 in Brackman’s book. It was called Mosaic 12 from the Ladies Art Co. as published in 1897. 

Phew!  I got this posted just in the nick of time! 
Happy Sewing All!  


  1. Thanks for posting another great block.

  2. dutchman's puzzle is a very versatile block


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