Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April Stashbusting

Here we are firmly into spring and finally the weather is acting like it.  We are having cool, cloudy days interspersed with cool sunny days.  Very nice weather before summer hits us with unending heat and humidity.

I'm pleased with my Stashbusting statistics this month. 

Fabric In
Fabric In Year
Fabric Out Month
Fabric Out Year
Total In or Out Year
6.7 yds
3.8 yd

I'm slowly making inroads on all the fabric I bought the first few months.  And, I'm sorry to report I'm going fabric shopping on Monday.  The good news is I am only looking for borders for a queen size quilt I've been working on for YEARS.  Or perhaps the key word should be not working on.  I hope to bring this trip around the world with me to retreat in June to finish the top.  

My finishes for the next few month are going to be much smaller than usual as Ruthie is being dismantled.  Her rails are going in to be powder coated which should make the "ride" very smooth. Additionally, the attic is being finished -- windows being added, some walls, insulation, ceiling and a cork floor.  And, the best news -- my studio will have a new giant home!  Right now I have Ruthie in one room and Bubbles and supplies in another room.  When the attic is done and everything is moved in there we'll have two extra rooms.  One will be an office for Pat and the other will be a room for the grand kids when they come.  Now when Jenny and Brian are here Sophia sleeps in her special room -- the laundry room.  And, strange as it seems, she seems to like it in there even without a night light.  Go figure.  

I'll keep you informed on the progress.  I still have a week and a half to get some quilts done on Ruthie.  And, I have 3 to do.  I'll see if I can find any more.  Right now, Jenny's quilt is on her and I need to actually work on it after several days off.  
Look at that spinach.  Our garden is giving us a ton of wonderful spinach these days.  Yum! 
Happy Quilting All


  1. How exciting to be moving into a new quilting space and gaining rooms in the process. I look forward to seeing your remodel progress.

    It snowed here again last night, so I can only dream of spring and warmer temperatures. Sigh!

  2. The stash report looks good. Good luck with all the re-rooming!! sounds exciting!


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