Monday, September 16, 2013

Design Wall Monday

A busy productive week has just passed.  I made great strides on my to do list and am now ready to tackle new things, well, or actually finish what I've got started! 
I finished the last two rows of the split 9 patch.  See the last one on the floor?  And, I've started sewing the rows together.  Back of the mind is processing what I should do about the borders... any thoughts folks?
Well, rats.  This is hard to see.  What I'm trying to show is the bumble bee I quilted into the Bumble Bee and Flowers quilt.  You can see the body but the bottom wings are off the edge of whatever this was sitting on.  His head and antenna are to the left but I can't see them at all.  Try clicking on the photo for a bigger view.  Point is the quilt is off of Ruthie and ready to be bound.  In fact, I'm ready to sew the 300" of binding together. 

I continue to make progress on my itty bitty triangles.  I'm slightly crazy to being doing this one but it is moving ahead.  And, I do have a wonderful gallery wall to hang it on when done. 

Most everything has been checked off on the weekly goals. Yippee! 

Week of September 9, 2013
Try to finish up quilting on Bumble Bee quilt
Make 5 of each of the QOV blocks Still need 3
Finish the shaded 9 patches, start sewing them together
Sew the orange peel blocks together√ not finished but well started
Prep parts for block demo at guild
Work on X blocks as time permits never happened

Week of September 16, 2013
Bind Bumble Bees & Flowers quilt
Make last 3 QOV blocks and mail to Colorado
Get peach quilt on Ruthie and start quilting
Finish sewing orange peel blocks together
Use 4 patches from demo to make a baby quilt
Continue sewing the mini triangles together

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Happy Quilting All! 


  1. I was going to say, "A red border." Then my inner designer said, "Red border, but continue the split nine-patches into the side borders."

  2. I always love reading your weekly lists. Love, love the split 9 patches. If it were mine, I would bring those dark points out into the side border just to finish off the square. Whatever you decide to do will be fabulous!
    Super cute bumble bee. You can't go wrong with itty bitty triangles, no matter what you do with them. :)

  3. okay girlfriend, just how itty bitty are those triangles?? Have I moved you over to the crazy side of quilting? I've been using up those 1.5" squares for 9 patches as leaders/enders and have half of the 120 I need for my Bonnie Hunter quilt - yeah!!! Love the split nine patch. Have you considered NO border??

  4. As above, it would be great to "finish" the inner square. I don't know if there was a specific size you wanted, but two more rows on the sides would do it. At the very least a stop border from the darks the same width as your squares, then perhaps a print or stripe with these colors in it. A zig-zag border of more squares would work as well.

  5. The split 9 patches is beautiful. I like the idea of a red border, too. The red in the quilt would really pop then. Gorgeous!

  6. Well, aren't you the busy bee? (Pun intended) And I am just starting to get back into the sewing groove. But I still want to do the split 9 patch, as soon as I get caught up in what is already on my "lists."


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