Saturday, September 14, 2013

Small Quilt Gallery

The long hallway into my new studio has been put to good use.  It is now a gallery of small quilts I've made and been given. This is looking from the studio down the hall.  Interestingly the light over the front section is actually facing the quilts; the rest of the lights are shining down.  We got a hanging system from Ikea, Dignitet.  It has the posts that stick out and a wire that goes the whole length of the wall with supports.  There are little clips on the wire that I've hung the quilts by.  Cool.  Easy to change out the quilts.  But now I have to figure out where I've stashed all of them. I'm not allowed to hang anything over the short door as that leads to attic storage.  

The tumbler quilt was made by Heather Wald in 2010.  Small Quilt Talk group on Yahoo seems to do a small quilt swap every year.  She was my first swap partner.  The little red quilt is my interpretation of the Temecula Quilt Shop's 12 Days of Christmas quilt.  I finished it in 2013.  

This is a quilt I made and hand quilted but I didn't put a label on it.  Oops.  I have no idea when I would have done it.  

This cute little twister was made by Patty Levine for the Small Quilt swap in 2011.  Next to it is a little Amish quilt I made in 2010. 

These last two quilts didn't quite have enough light on them to get a great picture.  The little baskets were made for a class I taught at Seminole Sampler in Catonsville, Maryland.  I'm guessing it was in the late 1990s.  Darn, no label, again.  The blue is from a challenge from the Small Group Chat yahoo group.  This quilt is either in one of Kathy's book or she wrote directions for the group.  Recently she's been selecting one of the quilts from her books and that becomes our monthly challenge.  Except, I hardly ever get them done.  I've got so many other quilts calling my names! But now I have a real incentive to make them.

On the other side of this hallway is my long run of shelves where I store a lot of stuff.  The first few units are my fabric stash and then books, yarn and finally stamping supplies. (Oh why did I decide to buy SO much stamping supplies?)  

That's it for tonight. I'll try to get a picture of my stash in the light one of these days.  

Happy Quilting All!


  1. What a great system for hanging. I'm going to remember that for our "forever" house. (Right now we are living the army nomad lifestyle) The quilts are lovely, too. I enjoyed your remark about stamping stuff. I set out making my studio my quilting and scrapbooking room, but recently I packed up most of the scrapbooking stuff and I regret many, many of those purchases, too.

  2. Wonderful display - perfect place and method to hang them.Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. love the quilts you have in your 'gallery'! wonderful way to display them. You've given me an idea for my sewing room!
    I was just going through some older quilts today and having a label to read was so helpful, I had a couple without and like you NO idea the year I made 'em. It's almost always an after thought for me. I do try to sew one into the backing if it's pieced.

  4. I love this display - a nice transition into your studio.

  5. Great use of the space! Love all the little quilts and the hanging system is awesome.


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