Monday, March 10, 2014

Design Wall Monday 3-10-2014

Mondays keep coming up faster and faster.  I have good intentions to post more than one blog posting a week but I haven't had much success recently.  Hum, I wonder if I would have better luck if it went on my weekly goals? 

Lots of things to show today but no finishes yet.  Of course, I am getting closer and closer to some though! 

I brought this quilt out again.  I had 16 blocks done when I decided I wanted it a bit bigger.  Away it went for a hibernation. When I decided it was ready to wake up I put it up on the design wall and realized I had 2 blocks where units were turned the wrong way.  Bummer, except I was so happy to catch it before the blocks are together.  The other benefit of that is I can mix in some of my newer fabrics and move the blocks around so the last 4 blocks aren't the only ones with the newer fabrics in them.  

Oh my!  The stocking looks really bright.  Way different from the first block of Christmas Traditions! Take a look at it here. Hum, I may need to make a few changes on that block.  I'll see what I pick for the rest of the blocks before I take apart the reindeer one.  I have letters to put on the bright green top.  They are now ready to apply and stitch down.  So, maybe I'll start another block soon.  There are several pieced blocks that would be quick to do.  I do like piecing a lot.

I've done pretty well on my goals for last week.  One of the projects I was happy to get done was finishing the quilting on the shaded 9 patch.  It came off the long arm but I put it aside for several days.  Yesterday I finally got the edges trimmed. Earlier in the week the binding was made.  Now it's time to get that binding sewn on.  And when that's done I'll have plenty of hand work between hand stitching down the binding and tying off all the threads left after way too many stops and starts!  There is a reason I try not to do too complicated quilting!  I hate tying off those threads.  Hopefully I'll be focused and get this quilt totally done during March.  I need a couple of finishes!  

Hum, a 50% completion rate isn't all that good when I look at my goals list.  It looked much better to me when I was figuring out how much I got done.  Time to step it up here! 

Week of March 3, 2014
Finish quilting Split 9 Patch quilt
Make and apply binding to split 9 patch
Quilt a baby quilt or two
Start next Christmas Favorites block
Make turquoise Color Challenge block
Send block directions to Bee quilters
Mail out blocks to Janet

Cut out blocks for Polka Dot Challenge

Week of March 10, 2014
Mail out blocks to Janet
Cut out blocks for Polka Dot Challenge
Quilt a baby quilt
Apply binding to split 9 patch
Celebrate our birthdays with a movie and dinner
Keep working on Mystery Quilt
Applique the words on the Christmas Favorites Block
Make baby chicks blocks for FCQEquilters
Make turquoise Color Challenge block

Shaded 9 patch trimmed and awaiting its binding.
I'll be linking up with Design Wall Monday on Patchwork Times.  Take a look at what is happening in quilting studios across the internet! 

Happy Quilting All!  


  1. I like the quilt you brought out of hibernation. It has a nice graphic quality to it. Isn't that interesting how we turn blocks and don't even notice that we have done that? I look forward to seeing it when you add the extra blocks.

  2. I love your hibernation quilt. Hugs

  3. I really love the pattern of that first piece ... do you recall who's it is or is it one of your own design?! :)

  4. Glad you pulled that beauty out of hibernation, it's way too pretty to be stored away. What a great pattern. I love catching mishaps when they are suppose to be caught, way too often it's not until I have it all together and look and stare a while then it hits me where the mistakes are, ughhh. But catching it before it's in a row, that's not even a mistake. That's just part of the process.

  5. Fun projects. It's always a good feeling to catch something before you have to rip out the rows. Hope this week is more productive for you.

  6. The stocking is bright, but I like it!

  7. I have a Quilt Blogs bookmark with a comfortable number of blogs that I read, faithfully, every morning with my coffee. You are one of them. I was reading Terry Grant (andsewitgoes.blogspot) today and she talked about not having as many comments left as she once did and wondered if she was blogging in a "void." Essentially, I think people are still reading but not connecting. So...naturally....I left her a comment. And then I decided to go back to everyone else I read this morning and say "hi." I love your work. Thank you.

  8. Oh we are allowed to put projects in hibernation?? good. to. know.


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