Monday, March 31, 2014

Design Wall Monday 3- 31 - 2014

It suddenly dawned on me that the end of the month was almost upon us.  Oops!  That's the deadline to enter quilts in Faithful Circle Quilters' quilt show coming up in May.  I've been organizing and locating photos of the quilts I want to enter.  3 of the 5 I'll enter have been registered.  The last two will be done today after blogging and showering.  

Next epiphany was realizing that I was dropping them off with Sharon this coming weekend.  YIKES, every single one of them needed hanging sleeves.  Alert! Alert!  Quit all other sewing and get those sleeves on.  Yesterday was also Country Piecemakers' Sit N Stitch at our local library. You KNOW what I was doing.  Yep sewing on sleeves.  I'm happy to report that two are now sleeved.  (can I make sleeve a verb? Of course I can!)  Once the sleeve was made the hand stitching took about 2 hours or so.  One issue is the 5th quilt is Natalie's Owls which, of course, she has.  I've begged Jenny to sew a sleeve on but she may not be able to do it.  

So before my panic on Saturday, this is what was getting done in my studio. My Mystery for Relay quilt is sewn together -- at least the center is.  I have once again put it in hibernation so I can finish a few other things before I tackle the borders.  My thought is to use the print fabric that is the center of the dark Xs for the border.  I'll audition it with some additional colors as inner borders to see if I like it when I drag it out again.  This quilt is destined to be donated to my church for a silent auction.  Luckily the auction isn't until September so I have a bit of time to finish it.  

Here's what else has been getting attention.  I am just tickled with this quilt.  I have to figure out the borders as I will have to cut very carefully so I have enough fabric to have the designs going in the correct direction.  I was trying to have this done by Friday also.  As I was looking for pictures of quilts that I was entering in the show I realized I had several additional quilts I'd rather enter.  This will be done in time to be delivered to the Maryland guild when I am up there in May to work the show.  This one will go to Project Linus in Howard County.  This is a dots for tots challenge quilt.  Dots you ask?  Yep, the blue sails are blue on blue dots.  I'll use the second piece of multicolor dots on the back with the left over sailboat fabric.  My guess is Project Linus might like this for older boys but that is there decision, not mine.  I'm just enjoying making it. 

Lots of things need to be getting done in my studio but I've changed my focus to get what needs to be done by Friday done! I've done pretty well on last week's goals.  

Week of March 24, 2014
Quilt Jane’s baby quilts (2)√√
Bind my baby quilt
Make sample lotto block for CP
Sew Sailboat Quilt together
Decide and make borders for Sailboat Quilt

Load QOV quilt

And now what am I getting done this week especially considering I am visiting the grands this weekend. 

Week of March 31, 2014
Embroider shirts for Ellie, Natalie and Sophia
Enjoy visit to Natalie and Sophia
Load QOV quilt
Add hanging sleeves on 3 quilts entered in quilt show
Give Sharon my quilts for show
Make embroidered towel at class

Cut fabric for next Christmas Favorites bom

So that's how this week should go.  We'll see if I actually do all that stuff when Design Wall Monday rolls around again.  Don't forget to go to Patchwork Times to use the links to posts across the country.

Happy Quilting All!  


  1. Time has slipped through my hands, too. How on earth did April creep up on me so quickly?

    Love the sailboats and the border fabric!

  2. That's the perfect border for the sailboat quilt. The mystery for relay quilt is a-maze-ing...I'm trying to figure out how the blocks are made.

  3. Oh my!!! Good thing it was a rainy weekend!! I hear "sleeve" the verb in a song...."Sleeve, sleeve me"...something like that. ;)
    I wasn't sure if you were open to auctions for your quilts. Do you take the amount it garners personally? (a lot or a little?)


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