Monday, March 3, 2014

Design Wall Monday 3-3-2014

My design wall hasn't been seeing much action this past week.  I did get this first block of Christmas Favorites sewn together.  I need to get to work on the next block as I spent the first month tracing and cutting out all of the elements. Some month I will try to get two blocks done so all are done by October.  Well, that's the plan.  It'll give me a month to get it quilted and bound.  Who knows if it will happen that way or not! 

Most of my time has been spent on quilting the Shaded 9 Patch.  I was hoping to finish it last week but I ran out of time and motivation.  Here's one of the blocks I did using a groovy board.  Unfortunately, my stylus broke (what? how'd that happen?) before I was finished with the quilt.  So some of the blocks are really wobbly.

I'm now ready to quilt the bottom border.  When that's done I'll take the quilt off Ruthie and turn it so I can do the side borders.  The end is in sight.

The snow predicted for today came in much earlier than what was called for.  Pat and I went out at 7:20 or so to do our normal work out at the Y.  The rain had turned to sleet by then and turned to snow by the time we hit the Y, 15 minutes away.  Here's what it looked like 35 minutes later driving down the four lane highway toward home. And, of course now everything is covered. 

My goal list for last week looks pretty good although I didn't do everything on it.  It does keep me on track for the most part though. 

Week of February 24, 2014
Finish quilting Split 9 Patch, (hum I’ve always thought of it as shaded 9 patch I wonder when I changed the name?) almost done
Make and apply binding on shaded 9 patch nothing done
Sew pieces of first Christmas Favorites block together
Start next Christmas Favorites block nope
Make sample block for Country Piecemakers BOM
Cut triangles for Mystery for Relay UFO

Have a great time at the Mid Atlantic Quilt Fesitival

Week of March 3, 2014
Finish quilting Split 9 Patch quilt
Make and apply binding to split 9 patch
Quilt a baby quilt or two
Start next Christmas Favorites block
Keep working on mystery quilt
Send block directions to Bee quilters
Mail out blocks to Janet
Cut out blocks for Polka Dot Challenge
Cut blocks for the heart quilt

Don't forget to visit Patchwork Times to start your visit to design walls around the Internet. 

Happy Quilting! 


  1. Oh, I don't envy you that snow. But you seem to be getting a lot of sewing/quilting done so maybe being "snowbound" is a good thing. Love your split 9 patch. I didn't do one but am thinking I may need to get on that bandwagon.

  2. I love your Christmas block, that's going to be a darling quilt! I know how plans go though. I consider PLAN a dirty 4 letter word. :)

  3. Great progress on the Christmas block and the Split Nine Patch.

    Snow and cold temps are hanging on here, too; however, a reprieve may be in sight by the end of the month.

  4. Is that a Patrick Lose design? I really like it.
    We were spared precipitation -- it's sunny today but VERY cold.

  5. Love the Christmas quilt block that's going to be a beauty. Ughhh will the snow ever end? We just missed the 12 inches were suppose to get and only got 4. The good news is that I get a lot of quilting done when it snows :)

  6. I love the reindeer block. Don't you just love snow....Not!! We got 4" yesterday on top of the 10" that we got last week. Stay warm. Hugs

  7. Fun reindeer block, with all the snow, he looks right at home!


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