Friday, September 18, 2015

Decisions, Decisions

It's always nice to have folks who can give me some ideas about finishing a block or quilt. (Just for the record, I've put away the center of my Talking Turkey wall hanging that I last asked about.  I'll pull it out later and see what needs to be done.  People seemed to like the lighter red and I did too so that's probably what I will use, eventually.)

Today's question has to do with this block I'm making for the quarterly BOM at Faithful Circle Quilters in Maryland.  I am fairly good at getting the monthly blocks done and sent up if I like the block.  I'm not so good with the quarterly opportunity blocks.  I had hoped to get this one done while Sharon was here but no such luck.  I'll see her in a couple of weeks so would like to have this one done so she can take it up.  I used a half of dresden plate I had left from a quilt I haven't worked on in months. (Note to self, need to finish this one up!)  I made up some more blades to make it a circle. I've picked my background fabric and it's time to get the center circle picked.  Sharon said I need two so here's what I came up with after she left.  Which do you like better? Dark center or medium center?  And, yes, they will be circles not folded up rectangles! 


You can't tell but the bottom gold blade has a spider hanging near its web. Too cute for a fall colors block.  The object of this particular challenge was to use a specialty ruler... mine was the dresden ruler.  If you check back to Tuesday's post you can see Sharon's -- the two blocks with the fall colors -- one was the Rapid Fire Hunters Star and the other one I have no idea what the ruler was. 

Here's what's been visiting at our patio. He's big -- 5" or so long.  He's been back a couple of times recently too.  

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. This one is a real toss up. But I'm leaning towards the bottom one with the lighter color. It seems to brighten up the whole block. Gorgeous job!

  2. We had a mantis on the window screen last night, watching us at our computers. :-)

    I like the top one. But it’s hard to say. Hmmmmm.

  3. How would it look with the base fabric from the top and the base fabric from the bottom?

  4. The choices are both pretty, so I can't pick one o ear the other.


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